Philips Smart WiFi Bulbs, Not Hue

I noticed that Home Depot now has Philips Smart WiFi bulbs that are considerably cheaper than the HUE bulbs. It shows they work off of the “wiz” app. I don’t see anything saying they are compatible with SmartThings. Has anybody seen these or tried them? Thanks in advance!

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I don’t know if there’s an official SmartThings integration yet, or not.

That’s the new Phillips value line, Wi-Fi only, and sold exclusively at Home Depot.

(I’ve also heard that Google paid them to be featured as the only voice assistant in their ads, even though the line does also work with Echo and Siri shortcuts. But while the rumor is on several sites, I haven’t seen anything authoritative to confirm that.) but in any case, they do also work with echo. :sunglasses:

Hi Ksglock. It seems It’s not supporting any communication protocol to interact with those lights for now. Smartthings allow custom integration with Zigbee and Z-Wave. According to Phillips, the use something more secure than zigbee.

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Sorry, but no. That’s not what they claim, nor would it be true.

They say:

And your privacy is protected via anonymous sign-in and TLS 1.2 encrypted cloud connections.

OK, that’s fine. The security level in zigbee depends on the particular profile being used. The two zigbee profiles that SmartThings supports, ZHA 1.2 and zigbee 3.0 (on some hub models) both support encrypted communication and security greater or equal to TLS 1.2 protocols.

In the future, I suggest that before making engineering claims you run the statements past engineering staff. Everyone will benefit. :sunglasses:

Wiz works with SmartThings via the new app. Your best bet for compatibility questions is to open the new app, go to add a device and then look at or search the list of brands

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It does show that WIZ works with SmartThings. I don’t know if that means the older WIZ bulbs or the SmartThings. It may be worth spending $20 to find out. I just wonder how they would look next to a set of hue bulbs though.

Anybody else try them yet?


I picked-up one of the color downlights at Home Depot the other day for testing purposes, and as a light it’s pretty nice, especially for $17. Colors seem good, and are probably as vibrant as the Hue color bulbs. Using the Wiz app, reaction time is solid, and the light works as expected. They appear to be designed to work with existing switches, as they remember the last scene then turned-off, and multiple toggles can move between two scenes configured in the Wiz app.

SmartThings integration appears to be very basic at the moment. While the controls in the new ST app work fine, the information displayed in the IDE is really lacking, and the device type is currently listed as “placeholder”, which makes me think it’s not fully cooked… I’ve been trying to resolve the “ON after a power-outage” issue through CoRE, but I can’t even get reliable info about the light going offline or switching on, etc. so I’ll probably have to wait until this gets better integration.

BTW, the Wiz app does have some cool “dynamic” scenes like ‘fireplace’ or ‘candlelight’ that might be pretty cool if you had more than one light, and maybe used them in a special setup. They even have some holiday ones for Halloween & Christmas.


Thanks for the report! :sunglasses:

FWIW, I believe all cloud to cloud devices using the new platform are currently labeled “placeholder.”


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Correct. New cloud integrations don’t report their capabilities to the groovy idea and show “placeholder” as the type. So they don’t work properly with groovy smart apps like webCoRE.


Howdy, I just bought 3 of the Philips A19 (Not Hue) full color WiFi bulbs that work with the Wiz app. I’m very new to this but I was able to connect my SmartThings app to the Wiz account and ST could control the bulbs. The Wiz app has a lot more functionality but it does work!

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Hi WRenbjor, I’m new to smart stuff and I’m wondering how limited the functionality of the Phillips WiFi bulbs is via smartthings. Can you control colors and group bulbs?

Yes, the colors can be controlled and the bulbs can be grouped together. I have 4 over one of my bathroom sinks… they work just like my Hue ones, except they are not locally processed.

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