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Wifi bulbs is there any standard way to integrate them to ST?

I got a mixed set of smart life and magic home pro WiFi bulbs. I’m wondering if there is a stable standard way to make Smartthings have a local control of these? Through a device handler maybe. However I am new to smartthings and already I feel a bit overwhelmed by the complexity required to just get my noname WiFi bulbs to turn on and off in the smartthings app.

Unfortunately not.

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I guess I need to invest in other more expensive light bulbs. Kinda annoying. Especially because I feel smartthings is more complex than needed.

Not local but you can sync them via the Alexa App. If they can be controlled by Alexa then they can be controlled via a Virtual Switch in SmartThings.

No standard way, the methods vary depending on brand and model of the bulb. See the FAQ:

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?

Depends on your definition of “expensive”. Sylvania Smart+, Ikea, Sengled and SmartThings all make bulbs that work with SmartThings and they start at $10 or less.


Except I only have a Google home mini.

Thanks will look it through. I didn’t mention the bulbs are noname Chinese but using the apps I mentioned in my first post

I feel any bulb more than twice a normal bulb price tag is expensive. I feel that though ikea is almost at the right price point the limited colour range compared to cheaper Chinese noname or even slightly more expensive Yeelight makes ikea kinda feel like you are paying for getting less features.

good news is Yeelight works with SmartThings now

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Yea and I just tried them out think I will be switching all my bulbs out with Yeelight, I am just a little sad I had to double up the price on my bulbs to make them work with ST. I do not even want to think of how much lifx and Philips hue cost.