Trane TZEMT400BB3NX on sale at Amazon for $79 today

(Shad) #1

Amazon has the Trane TZEMT400BB3NX Z-wave on sale for $79 today. I see that a few have tried to use it previously, but has anybody tried it recently with ST?

(note this is an affiliate link - feel free to just go to amazon and search for it)

(Igen) #2

Dang, I saw this thread this morning and was hoping someone else would respond. Apparently it works fine with other home automation systems but I found a couple threads that mentioned issues using this thermostat with SmartThings: (Oct 7) (May 22)

So, what’s the verdict? Should any Z-wave thermostat just work with SmartThings, or does each thermostat have to be individually supported by SmartThings?

(Igen) #3

I guess there was another thread this morning, too…