Is there an outlet with both receptacles controlled?

I’m getting the Leviton zwave outlets for now, but would like to control two devices. I saw this dual outlet plugin switch before on Amazon, but the links no longer working for me plus I’d rather have something that is more discrete and looks natural. Also thought of using a dual relay micro switch, but unsure if they’re able to be used for outlets instead of switches; as well don’t think there’s enough space for one inside the box - perhaps someone can tell me which ones the smallest size available. Thanks!

This should be ok

The reviews and questions on Amazon say that if you used that one for an outlet that it’ll control both receptacles simultaneously but want to be able to control them independently. I’ve seen the multi channel control smart app in the marketplace and not sure if that’s what I need.

Unfortunately, that one has a max load of 4 A per endpoint.

It’s fine for most light switches, but will not meet code for outlets in most US jurisdictions, where you need to go to 15 A per receptacle.

See the following discussion from a few days ago. It discusses the options in detail.

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This is the only dual relay rated for outlets that I know of. Somewhat expensive.

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