In wall outlets where both outlets are switched?

There are several threads on this already, but the short answer is there’s nothing yet currently available that will work with SmartThings.

ShowHome got one certified recently, but it hasn’t hit the market yet.

There are dual relays you can use if you have room in the box, but you have to check the specs carefully: many of these are designed for lighting control only, and wouldn’t be appropriate for an outlet for somebody might plug-in vacuum cleaner or a blender.

There are some higher amperage relays, but the problem is they tend to be physically bigger and won’t always fit in the box.

So, short answer, if you can wait six months you’ll probably have a couple of zwave outlet choices. For now, there are some in wall relay possibilities, but they tend to physically be big.

Note that there aren’t any GFCI Z wave outlets, dual control or not, and can’t be. This is also discussed in detail in the existing threads.

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