In wall outlets where both outlets are switched?

Does anyone make one? Z-Wave would be preferred, but whatever. Seems to be nothing on the market that does this?

There are several threads on this already, but the short answer is there’s nothing yet currently available that will work with SmartThings.

ShowHome got one certified recently, but it hasn’t hit the market yet.

There are dual relays you can use if you have room in the box, but you have to check the specs carefully: many of these are designed for lighting control only, and wouldn’t be appropriate for an outlet for somebody might plug-in vacuum cleaner or a blender.

There are some higher amperage relays, but the problem is they tend to be physically bigger and won’t always fit in the box.

So, short answer, if you can wait six months you’ll probably have a couple of zwave outlet choices. For now, there are some in wall relay possibilities, but they tend to physically be big.

Note that there aren’t any GFCI Z wave outlets, dual control or not, and can’t be. This is also discussed in detail in the existing threads.

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Thanks! Guess I need to reformulate my plans.

The same company has a plug in pocket socket that’s available now and controls two outlets, I don’t know if that would be a suitable interim solution for you.

I think I can make that work. Thanks for the suggestion.

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@Eric_Inovelli runs the company that distributes that device in the US, he should know what device type handler to use with it.

Hey all – thanks for the shout-out! Happy to help.

Long story short, I’ve partnered with Show Home and am familiar with their product line-up. We officially will be changing over the name to Inovelli (which is going to be the US counterpart to Show Home) and releasing a lot of the Show Home lineup.

With that said, I am definitely pushing for as many 2-Channel releases as possible. An in-wall outlet is definitely on the horizon, but in full transparency, it probably won’t be until Q3 (Aug/Sep). As you see it is Z-Wave Certified, but it has not gotten FCC and UL listed yet, which takes a bit. I’ll check w/the manufacturer on the amperage rating.

The 2-Channel plug-in module you see is rated at 16 Amps (total outlet) with a max amperage of 10 per outlet (in other words, if you have 10 Amps plugged into one side, the max you can have is 6 in the other side).

Anyway, @erocm1231 created a couple of device handlers for the plug which work flawlessly.

Directions to install them as well as the plug can be found here: (device handler links can be found at that URL as well)

Thanks all for your support and if you have any follow up questions, I’m happy to help!



I hate to bump a thread this old, but I’m looking for the exact same thing. I’ve searched around and haven’t found anything where both outlets can be controlled independently from a in-wall mounted outlet (a plug in device is not an option for me).

This would be to control lights to both plugs. Has anyone found something that’ll work?