Is there an edgeDriver sample both with Dimmer and Remote Control?

I have a device and I am preparing to write edgeDriver for it. But I am confused whether it belongs to the category of switch or button. Because it has both dimming function and several button functions.
Now the new EdgeDriver examples seems to have the button and dimming functions completely independent. Is there any relevant code for reference for complex the case?

Hi @chenjun

About the category, the category allows the final user to change the types o icons on the app here is a post about it. For the several button functions Do you mean that you have several buttons or one button has several functionalities?

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Thanks! The device has only one button, which has several functionalities such as full central scene/dimmer/switch.

Okey, Can you be clearer with your problem? because I don’t completely understand this

you can use the capabilities and use them internally as you prefer, also if you have already implemente some code maybe I can help to you identify the problem.

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Thank you, except for one thing, I have already completed most of the work: because there are five buttons (I made a mistake in the number of buttons before I got the real device), when the categories is set to Switch or RemoteController, the content under the Button displays differently, as shown in the following figure:

The content surrounded by red boxes is not shown in the second picture!
In the profiles for the two difference categories , the buttons have the same set. Here are the content:

I think this difference should be caused by the code, but I don’t know how to display it (surrounded by red boxes)
Can you help me?

The team told me that the quick control routine on the button can only be displayed if DeviceCategory is RemoteController or Button. Unfortunately, it is not possible to display it using Switch as DeviceCategory.