Ikea Styrbar Remote


I have written an edge driver for the new Ikea Styrbar remote (this is my first edge driver and I’m a first time Lua user so be kind)

You can add the driver here → SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

The source is here → GitHub - lrmulli/ST-Edge-Driver: SmartThings Edge Driver

  • The driver is edge - so it should run locally
  • The device has 4 buttons, all should support press and held functionality (the ui show alsorts of other presses double press etc etc - the driver does not support them - only press & held)
  • Update: Held is only available on up and down (buttons 1 & 2) due to issues with the way ikea have programmed the left and right buttons to control scenes - see post from 9th & 10th jan 21 for info

Any feedback or suggestions please reply.




Could you add five button remote in this driver? :thinking:

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@Sakari I based this driver on some code from @hmorsti that he has written for the 5 button so it should be possible. Maybe ask to see if he/she has any plans to publish the driver.

Doesn’t the 5 button work fine on the stock implementation? Or is this about wanting it running local.

I have no plans to write a 5 button version as I don’t have a spare to play with. I use mine in touch link mode so they run local anyway.

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Yes, this is the reason and as Groovy is going to be shut down moving to Edge is the way to go.

Presumably smartthings themselves will migrate the 5 button remote as it’s supported currently without the need of a self installed groovy driver.

Probably but community made drivers will come faster than from ST. Like yours Styrbar driver. Game changer for many of us.

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After adding your driver and pairing the styrbar device nothing is working, no bottom press in history, but it is paired. Do I have to wait for the first report from the device? Battery still at 0%.

It looks like Samsung updated their GitHub with a 5 button driver

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It should work instantly ( in fact it does some button presses as part of setup)

Are you sure it’s using my driver? You can check by clicking on the device, then the 3 dots, then driver.

Yes it is paired to your driver and in history I only have that button testing.

I did notice for me it sometimes takes a while for the history to update, and sometimes required me doing a pull down to refresh the history screen.

Do you have the cli? So you could see the logs from the driver to see if there is any errors.

Really not sure how to help other than suggest hooking up logcat on the cli to look for errors.

I noticed. I already installed it. Now I just need to see how long battery will last. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Got it to work, deleted the device and added again, now all is working, thank you for the driver.

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Ah that’s great - i was getting a little worried about it as it works fine for me, and as far as I know you’re the only other person to have tried it (I haven’t seen a way to see how many people have enrolled in your channel or installed your driver yet)

how do i dimm and brighten the lights? it seems to be only on off ? i want to for example dimm light by 25% every time i press bottom button…?

I don’t think that capability is available directly from any driver, as the driver only deals with device (the remote) and not any lights you have.

I think your options are

  1. Use something like abc manager to simulate this
  2. Try and simulate this using automations / rules (i’ve never tried this)
  3. Pair the remote directly with the light using touchlink (presuming you have a light that supports this) - but you would scrifice overall control in smartthings and only be able to see battery status

I hope this helps

but will abc manager be dead when grovee is removed?


This is why I use most of my ikea remotes in touchlink mode as the experience is just buttery smooth.

Maybe/hopefully samsung will provide some way of doing progressive dimming to off using a remote.

ah ok can you pair ikea zigbee bulb with both smartthings and directly to remote?

Yes - using touchlink (although you losing the ability to use the buttons on the remote for anything else - and the scene selectors left/right dont work on ikea remotes)

Basic process for ikea stuff - you will find more detail on the forums

  1. Pair bulb and remote to smartthings in the usual way
  2. Pair remote to bulb (hold the remote against the bulb for 10-15s while holding in the pair button on the remote)
  3. Repeat step 2 for every bulb you want paired to the same remote i.e i have 6 lounge bulbs paired to 1 ikea remote and they all dim/on/off in unison