Smartthings Android (update 17 Dec 2021

Is that with the ocfDeviceType also present and saying something different?

Hopefully if there are multiple categories defined for a component they offer the icons for each of them.

Yes, each of the 6 profiles has a different ocfDeviceType and icon defined, but they all have in categories: SmartPlug.
I don’t know how this affects how these profiles look in voice assistants.

Nor do I know if more than one category can be assigned per component or device

I was hoping to see that the Zooz Zen 15 would be recognized for what the product is intended to be used for, but really, the options are bulbs and a fan.

Is that middle one in the contact sensor a sliding door or a window that opens from the middle? I’m not at home for several days, otherwise would just check myself.

Either IMO. I’m using it for a sliding door.

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I am using same icon for sliding door and sliding window

@Automated_House How your hub’s icon looks like? Activate or inactive?
My always looks inactive, however if I go to edit hub, it shows up as active, only there.


This one should be always active as long as hub is on or online.


A lot of things show inactive on the tile view for no good reason

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I’m pretty sure I have never seen it active. I’ve usrd ST since July.

In Notifications, you used to only have control over ‘General Notifications’ or Devices. Now I see you can select notifications for Services.

I haven’t looked at that for a while. Was that introduced in a relatively recent update or is it Harry Spankers?

It’s been around for a while, so…Harry Spankers? :joy:

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Hi, @SamsungZell. Could you help us know the reason for this difference in icons available, please?
Post above: Smartthings Android (update 17 Dec 2021 - #10 by milandjurovic71


So not Harry Spankers (new or clean) and not recent either. I probably forgot it was there.

I’ve never sat through the ‘how to use’ videos either, and certainly not the live action ones.


Just checked mine, seems same as yours, shows inactive though it’s always active… never took a lot of notice before

And in the US, requiring watching a video would be an accessibility violation. The information needs to also be available in a text-only format. Just sayin’…


Hey there everyone! @nayelyz thank you for the tag!

It appears to me that the available options displayed are based on the OCF Type being used by the device as @milandjurovic71 mentioned. However, I want to get this information confirmed to be one-hundred percent sure so I have escalated this to hopefully provide additional insight to you all.

Changing icons is currently possible for contact,multi-sensors, lighting devices, and SmartTags.
Note: Some device types such as door locks and motion sensors, currently do not have the option to change icons.

I also wanted to provide the numerical count for the options available to be selected for Icon changes.

Switches/lights - Displays 8 options to select.
Outlets - Displays 16 options to select.
Contact Sensors - Displays 5 options to select.
Multi-sensors - Displays 9 options to select.
Smart Tags - Displays 29 Options.

I hope this message finds you all well!



Thank you @nayelyz and @SamsungZell for update.

Anyway if you continue reading posts below mine, you will find more issues that other users are reporting, like:

  • animated/non animated icons
  • activate/inactive icons
  • no icons availability for virtual devices

Maybe engineers should look into all of this


Will the iOS version of the app get the option for changing icons at some point? Today’s iOS app update does not.

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@SamsungZell ?

I have the same problem. Weather always displays in Fahrenheit and not Celsius. Even though my location in IDE is set to Celsius.