Smartthings app 2.7.0

I don’t know what you think, but hiding the dimmer slider behind another touch didn’t sit well for me. Luckily I only use my harmony remote for my lighting.

What are your thoughts?


It’s even hidden behind an additional second touch for the featured device in a room as the control there doesn’t work without first opening the device :grimacing:


They added three additional clicks to do what used to take one. And for those extra clicks, you get a dimmer screen that’s completely inconsistent with the rest of the UI. I’d love to hear from someone at ST what the motivation for that change was. Luckily, I use Ask Alexa so I rarely open the ST mobile app.


And knowing where to touch it’s actually not intuitive at all. I used way to long to figure out how to actually dim my lights.

Furthermore, there’s a “deadzone” in the percentage number, where, if you touch the number just right, it actuates the on/off function of the tile and doesn’t take you to the dimmer. WAF drops significantly when she asks you to dim the lights, and instead, the stupid tile shuts them off and on 3x in a row.

This is a pretty terrible implementation. Not sure how it passed UI review. Never mind, they don’t have UI review at ST. :frowning:

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LMAO! This is not “Smart”…

It’s something we’ve debated briefly for ActionTiles, but since we only have one function per Tile, getting to the extended function (i.e., dummer or color selection on a Switch Tile) is only one tap.

Classic lighting control systems (Savant, and probably Control4, Crestron, …) usually offer a “sound booth” (lighting board?) type of UI where dimmer sliders for several or all lights are shown horizontally in a list on one screen. This is ideal for defining a lighting scene. With smart bulbs, subtle control of each one should be considered a desirable Feature, so I’m hoping we can build some variation on this idea.

Balancing functionality, complexity, convenience, and aesthetics is a continuous challenge!

My thoughts are that a home automation app is the wrong place to be manually controlling your lights. It’s the conceptual opposite of the intent of the product. In my own case, virtually all ‘manual’ control of my smart lights is done via Alexa voice control.

That said, I agree that the dimmer slider should be on the first tile instead of a layer down. There’s certainly room for it.

I still have v2.5.1 and turned off auto updates. So it sounds like they didn’t go back to the old way and just continued to break it? Great.