Is there a 300 Device Limit?

(Jason) #1

Hello, I think I have hit a limit in my IDE on Devices. My IDE is showing 300 and any time I add any new devices it still shows 300. My biggest concern was if ST was deleting any devices when I add a new one? Any ideas, let me know?

(Steve White) #2

Yes, and it’s HUGELY ANNOYING! This includes the Things view in the app too.
You can still see all your devices if you assign them to rooms, but it’s impossible to view them in one place.

(Jason) #3

So, does it delete devices or just show a 300 limit even though it is more than that?

(Luke - Backend Engineer) #4

It looks like there is a max of 300 on the query that we are running against our database :cry: We can fix this in the IDE at the least. Getting the mobile clients updated is slightly more involved. I doubt that SmartThings classic will ever get patched unfortunately.

(Jason) #5

@gausnes so it is not removing any devices, correct?

(Luke - Backend Engineer) #6

They should exist. Just not being returned for you to view. You should be able to view them in rooms as stated above or when configuring a SmartApp.

(Jason) #7

Thank you for the good info.

(Steve White) #8

Correct. Nothing is being deleted. I’ll be curious to see how the new app handles this.

(Steve White) #9

SnartThings classic? As in CocaCola Classic? We all know how that ended, at least those born before 1975 or so do. Welcome to the New SmartThings.