Hit 300 Limit Now I’m Bored

I know that I should be happy with all that I’ve accomplished with ST. I still have more “things” I would like to accomplish but unfortunately, I’ve hit the 300 device limit.

I’ve deleted some Virtual Switches and deleted “things” that were not really serving a “good enough” purpose. Now I want to do blinds and I can’t without adding another system.

Is it sad that I am silently waiting on my system to crash so I can do it all over again! :weary:

I’m such an addict but can’t get a fix. :rofl:



Just curious… how many virtual devices you have?

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Is the 300 limit an IDE limit, Classic app, new app, or what?

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I thought they upped the app limit back during the v2 days, so I don’t think that’s an issue.

The new Dev site says max 200, but I know there’s people past that


About 30 however, I think I have made a breakthrough! I have about 30 Alexa Devices and about 7 Whole House Audio (WHA) that are “Things” in ST. Out of those, I really only need about 15 or so to be automated. So that gives me some wiggle room.

Each room in my home has two Virtual Switches. One for the Room and one for the Automation for that room. I can say, “Alexa, turn off blah blah blah room” and she will turn off every devices that on in that room. I can say, “Alexa, turn off blah blah blah room Automation” and that will pause any Automations for that room. (I have no idea why I capitalized certain words…)

Of course I have a master Automation override VS and the typical “All Lights”, “All Entertainment”, etc. However, the bulk of my devices are actual devices. :astonished:

After going through, I see that I can squeeze about 30 more devices out of my system with some more deleting of things that are “Cool” but are not necessarily necessary.

So thanks @jkp, you given me my fix!..for now, but I’ll be back here. Oh for sure, I’ll be back. :rofl:

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You can’t just use an Alexa group instead of the room switch?

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To turn off, yes, I thought of that. However, if any of the devices are on in a room, the VS turns on. I have an ActionTile panel that only displays Room Switches. I can easily see if anything is on in any room and if I know a room in unoccupied, I can quickly turn off that room.

I also have the Room Switches on panels that are close to various rooms (Wall Mounted Tablets). I can walk up to the panels and tap that Room Switch. Although, I have been replacing various switches with the Z-Wave Plus models and using double tap down to turn off everything in a room. Seems like everyone in the house like that.

It’s super convenient and I am NOT ready to give that up…yet.

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Wow… and I though I was a high roller with 183 physical devices.

I felt the same way when I got up to 50! So yeah 183 is a lot of devices!

To be honest, I got lucky with many of my devices.

GE Dimmers, Fan Controllers and Switches:

With the buy 2 get 1 feee + 33% off + $15 off of $50 Lowe’s coupons, I was able to do all of my fans and lights for about $20 a switch!

Iris Sensors:

Again with Lowe’s coupons and various deals, I was able to do most of my doors and motions for about $8 a device.

Iris Plugs:

These were been blown out at about $10 each.

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I’ve given this more thought and I’m curious as to your answer. @JDRoberts, chime in as well.

I have “things” connected via VS that are actual tangible “things” For example, I brought in 28 sensors connected to my DSC Panel via Alarm Server running on Pi3 and a device called EnvisaLink EVL-4. Alarm Server created 2 Alarm Panels and 28 sensors to equal 30 “things” in ST.

Here’s the question, would you consider these as “Virtual Devices” or actual devices?

Same for the Echo Devices and even Harmony Activities? What about Smart Power Strips that create Individual switches for each controllable plug?

IMHO, even though these are virtual and/or cloud connected devices, technically, they are still devices. The Harmony Activities are questionable I’ll admit. I have at least 30 Activities between 4 hubs.

If there are VS that are not necessarily representing a “physical” devices then it’s really not a “thing”. However, if a VS is created strictly to control a physical device, IMHO, it’s not a Virtual Device but rather a true Physical Device.


The sensors are devices in your home but they are not devices on your SmartThings account. The virtual switches being used as proxies are the devices on your account. :sunglasses:

In essence the physical sensors are environmental events from the point of view of your SmartThings account. For example, the Sun is not a “device” on your account even if you have a lux sensor that reports on it. :sun_with_face:

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When I was doing my house, I set up alerts on Slickdeals.net and ended getting many high-end devices for a fraction of MSRP. Lowes was clearing out all of their Z-wave GE outlets, fan switches, light switches and dimmers a couple of years ago and I believe that prices were somewhere in the neighborhood of $15-20 a piece. Also, I used mydigitaldiscount.com for Visonic MCT-340 E window sensors @ ~$10 per sensor and Bosch Security PIR motion detectors @ ~$10 per device.

The above covered ~80 devices.

The items that really dinged the wallet were the Homeseer switches (totally worth it), Chamberlain garage door openers, anything with the name Hue attached to it, Yale door locks, Lutron switches and Nest devices.

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That makes complete sense. However, when @jkp posed the question, “How many Virtual Devices do you have?”, should I have included all of the “Proxies”? I didn’t because from a logical standpoint, I count them as devices since they are actually tied to a physical device.

For anyone interested at peeping at my device list, it’s below. It’s a scrolling Screen Shot so you may need to open it up in a different window and zoom in or save it to your computer and zoom in.

Yes, essentially you should have included any virtual device which has a row in your list of devices in the IDE. Don’t worry about what it stands for, just the fact that it exists is what matters.

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@rontalley are you board or bored?

I’m Bored! But I’m on Board! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Just curious, but what happens when you hit 300? Does ST simply not allow you to add any additional devices? I’m only halfway there, but keep adding things and can see myself hitting 300 in the not too distant future (recently ordered contact sensors for the interior doors, which should be arriving this week).

I was up to 318 when I realized the source of my issues. Devices will start appearing on page 2 in the device list on the IDE. The devices are random but if they end up on page two, they are not reachable. I’m other words they don’t seem to receive any messages from ST or transmit to ST if they are on page 2.

They do not show up on page 2 based on when they were installed. My experience is they were truly random. I couldn’t select any of the devices when trying to create rules for them.