Please allow more than 300 devices!

I’m dying! It’s impossible for me to see a complete device list anywhere which is making system management very difficult. Both the website and mobile app are limiting me to 300! What makes it difficult is that I cannot find any pattern to how it limits to 300 off of the displayed list.

It’s not like I have dozens of virtual devices that I can prune down. All but about 15 are real, connected things. Can someone at SmartThings please raise the cap to 350 or even 400??


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I’m just here to see why/how you have 300 devices…lol


I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: You need to report this to support, there’s no guarantee that anyone on staff will read postings in the forum other than for moderating purposes.

@johnconstantelo has run into similar issues before, he may be able to pass along a contact name to you.


Understood and agree. I posted more from an optics perspective to draw attention to this limitation. WIll ping support too!

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I found that if I go in the IDE -> My devices, I can copy/paste the table with your devices nicely into Excel and sort it whichever way you like. This helps me with with organizing my devices.


This issue is getting more nefarious as each day passes. Scenes is utterly useless as the device picklists are missing many devices. They appear in Routines but are missing from Scenes. They’re also missing from the main device list in the IDE, but are listed in their respective rooms. I was hoping to use only Scenes for controlling Christmas lights this year, because I am adding some Hue RGB bulbs soon, but since newer devices aren’t appearing in Scenes that’s out of the window now.



I’ve got another ticket (#450966) open on the issue but as it’s a platform issue I’m probably out of luck.

There is an element of irony and humor to this. I had one of the only system to ever max out the capabilities of the Iris v1 hub. The configuration file hit a storage limit and the effect was some very strange behavior such as leak sensors setting triggering a fire alarm, or having the water valve close when a lock was locked. Good times.