Why did SmartThings Decrease the Total Device Count to 300 per Location?

Why did SmartThings decrease the total device count to 300 per location? I have over 300 devices for my location (my home) and can’t add any new devices.

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there has been a discussion about the 300 limit for the past 2 months in the following thread:

as to the “why” - only ST knows.


They’ve never said for sure, except for one unofficial comment about not slowing down the app, but they’ve been playing around with the limit on the number of devices per location for almost 3 years now. They’ll set a limit, but it might only apply to one mobile operating system or one region, it might change again to a different number. There have never been any official announcements on it in any direction. it’s definitely frustrating if it hits you. See the thread that @jkp posted.

They have said multiple times that their typical customer has 15 or fewer devices and never uses any custom code, so it’s only a very small percentage of customers to get anywhere near the limit. But those do tend to be power users and that’s who tends to frequent this forum. So if there is a workaround, someone has probably found it. But again see the other thread. :thinking:

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