Is the Number of devices listed in the app?

Is there a way to add a place under devices to know how many devices I have on the system? I am new to smartthings due to Iris by Lowes shutting down and we had on our device page the number of devices we had on our system. I have approximately 150 devices and am in process of adding them all to my smartthings hub and would be great to be able to keep with the number of devices loaded. Thanks! And how many devices per room listed on the home page would be great also!


you can see number of devices at


Thank you! I had asked a customer service rep while I was talking to them on the phone just an hour or so ago and he said it was not listed anywhere. I would also like to see same info listed on the app.

I am just a week or so into Smartthingsā€¦so i have a learning curve to get up and running by the march 31 shutdown!