New App: device information for smartapps

In the new app is there a way to see what smart apps a device is linked to ?

in the classic app i often go to devices to see what smart apps they are used in so when i add a replacement or similar device then its easy to see what actions etc the device is part of .

I cant find a way to do it in the new app ??

like this sample below that shows me what smartapps my TV fan is linked to…

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is there another way to do this in the new app ? except going into the smartapps one by one ?

Seems the new app doesn’t have much consideration for people with hundreds of devices in many rooms.

not at this time. write to support and request the feature be added

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is there a features request page or something we can post on ?

nope. support and mobile app reviews are the only official options.

Yes you can check the IDE. Click on my devices -> < your device > -> scroll down and it’ll show you which SmartApps are using the device