Devices not showing up in smart lighting smartapp but are available in other smartapps (220 device limit?)

I am trying to move automations to smart lighting from webcore with devices that execute locally to keep as much local as i can. for the most part its going well, but for some reason, i cant see all of my devices in smart lighting, even though im using those same devices with other smart apps (webcore, action tiles and alexa, for example).

here are some examples:

1 hue bulb (though the other 5 show up in smart lighting)
1 contact sensor (though others of the same make/model show, all are using the same default device handler)
1 z-wave plugin module (GE)
1 zwave bulb
1 zigbee bulb
1 zwave dimmer

the ONLY thing i can find thats common between them is they are all listed on page 2 of my devices in the IDE. seems like nothing more than a weird coincidence, but since its a mix of devices, protocols and types (even though others of the same device type are available), this is the only thing i can find that is the same across all devices.

i have 278 total devices, it looks like 220 show on the first page. I havent gone through the rest of page 2 yet, but it looks like those happen to be the devices i cant select in smart lighting.

any ideas?

I would be completely not surprised if Smart Lighting (and perhaps some or all other SmartApps) cannot access devices beyond the first ~220.

The number of SmartThings Customers with more than 200 devices is extremely low. So if this is a bug, it would not be known or experienced by many.

Be sure to call SmartThings Support.


@Brad_ST i was advised it might be a good idea to tag you. if you get the chance and want to help out, it would be very much appreciated. I have a ticket opened with ST that i can send you (im not sure if i should post it here or not) if you have the chance to check this out. thanks!!

Like Terry, I wouldn’t be surprised either.

Does this issue present itself in both apps or just Classic?


I havent even installed the new app. ill give it a shot, though. do smartlighting automations show in both apps, or would i have to maintain them separately?

The same devices that dont show up in the classic app smartlighting are missing in smartlighting in the new app, also.

Smart Lighting automations show in both apps. Thank you for confirming it also impacts the new app. We’ll need to file a bug report.


ok cool. what do you need from me?


I think we have what we need, but thank you!

ok awesome. thanks for the help!!

You may want to read the first paragraph in the 1st thread :slight_smile:

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hey brad, any news? anything you need from me? thanks!

Hi Mike,

I just received news that a change was released. Can you try again and let me know if you’re still seeing this issue?


it looks better, i think. i had removed my harmony devices (50ish devices with hubs and activities) and was able to build the automations i wanted after that.

i just re-added my harmony hubs and activities and it looks like they are all showing up, as well as a few devices that i remember i was unable to see in smartlighting before. ill try to create a few automations over the next couple of days to see if i run into any issues of devices not showing up.

thanks for working on this and for the follow up! ill try to report back by the end of the week.

So far, so good. Ive set up a handful of new automations and havent had trouble finding any devices i needed. ill keep messing with it and let you know if i find any devices arent available. Ive even added harmony back into the mix (total of about 50 devices) and it seems good at this point. thanks!

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