Is the IDE Slow for Everyone?

Painfully slow for me (Shard 2). Has been for about a day and seems to be getting worse.

Not sure if it’s the IDE or my hub.

Accessing the My Devices page is slow for me, as well as the app. Been noticing it since this morning.

Yes, the app is very bad too. I forgot to mention that.

Started throwing errors also:

Internal Server Error (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 500; Error Code: 500 Internal Server Error, Request ID: ######

I notified support via email, and they said they are working on it… (fastest response I’ve ever gotten from them, so this must be one of those all-hands-on-deck issues…looks like their S3 partition is running out of resources…just my opinion, no facts to back that up)…

Thanks for the feedback folks.

I am getting errors when trying to publish as well.

Internal Server Error (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 500; Error Code: 500 Internal Server Error; Request ID: 6B2EA828799FD146)

Notice just Published from SmartThings:

Publishing Custom Device Handlers

Incident Report for SmartThings

Starting around 2:45 PM EST, some users may be unable to publish custom device type handlers under My Device Handlers. We are actively working with AWS to resolve this.
Jan 10, 16:14 EST


Seems to be working now…

Device list is still loading slow for me as is the iOS app.

IDE has been slow for a while now, hopefully ST will work w/AWS to resolve - takes waaaaay too long to open DTH/Smartapps tabs and make updates/save Device Handlers and Smartapps.


The slowness (not the publishing issue mentioned above which is unrelated) is acknowledged by SmartThings Support:


Thanks for writing in, so sorry for the inconvenience. That’s actually an issue we’re tracking right now, and it seems to be isolated to the specific server you’re on. We’re working around the clock to fix it, and it should be back to running normal sooner rather than later. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the meantime.

It’s slow for me today.

It has been so slow for months and it sometimes times out. It sometimes doesn’t save updates.

I think it is just a coincidence, I am so frustrated with this. Every Time I try to work in the IDE it takes two to three times to get in with a three to four minute wait. And many times it times out and I have to start again. I added an app today to IDE and during the save routine it timed out and screwed it up.

Some feed back to why it’s so slow would be nice.

I was told that if you have custom Device Types and SmartApps then it will be slow. Well that is 99% of SmartThings users.

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I’m finding it can take 5-10 minutes and several attempts to be able to load SmartApps or Device Handlers pages. the Log, Hubs, Devices pages etc are all find and load straight way.

Once I successfully get to the SmartApps or DH pages however, they seem to run OK and I don’t have any problems after that.

I’m on graph-eu01-euwest1

I have been having this problem for months. It times out most times then finally loads. If I make a change to the IDE it takes a little longer than months ago but at least it loads. Please contact support as you can add it to my case.

Will do. Do you have a case number I can refer to?

Here is my case #272986