Poor performance/ cutting out

Is anyone else having issues with their devices being slow to react or the hub cutting out?

In last hour hub has been going off and online

Mine too. This happened a couple of nights ago as well.

AWS is experiencing major issues.



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Thanks for the update

Thanks @Tyler
Looking at the events I am also seeing “Hub Update” and various other things.
Is this also tied in with this issue?
Seems strange to see an update in the events.

No idea - just pointing out that AWS is having issues globally. Half of my favorite web services are down :frowning:

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I’m unable to connect using the SmartThings app on my iPhone. :frowning:

“You appear to be having issues with your network…”

However, the IDE seems fine.

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Same issues with app.
IDE was fine, but tried logging out and back in via IDE…and now it tells user/Pwllheli don’t exist!?

Anyone have issues with IDE?

Working again…


Thanks for this, however forgive my naivety on this matter, however I thought the UK servers were hosted within EU data centres. This problem affected from what I can see the UE-East-1 region…So why did ST go slow/not respond during a fault with a US based data centre?