Poor performance/ cutting out


Is anyone else having issues with their devices being slow to react or the hub cutting out?

(Paul Travis) #2

In last hour hub has been going off and online

(Ben) #3

Mine too. This happened a couple of nights ago as well.


AWS is experiencing major issues.




Thanks for the update

(Bob) #6

Thanks @Tyler
Looking at the events I am also seeing “Hub Update” and various other things.
Is this also tied in with this issue?
Seems strange to see an update in the events.


No idea - just pointing out that AWS is having issues globally. Half of my favorite web services are down :frowning:


(codersaur) #9

I’m unable to connect using the SmartThings app on my iPhone. :frowning:

“You appear to be having issues with your network…”

However, the IDE seems fine.

(hyeung) #10

Same issues with app.
IDE was fine, but tried logging out and back in via IDE…and now it tells user/Pwllheli don’t exist!?

Anyone have issues with IDE?

(hyeung) #11

Working again…

(Steve) #12

Thanks for this, however forgive my naivety on this matter, however I thought the UK servers were hosted within EU data centres. This problem affected from what I can see the UE-East-1 region…So why did ST go slow/not respond during a fault with a US based data centre?