Is the IDE Server Slow to you?

(Pmsmaker) #1

If you login to the IDE -
Seems slow to me listing My Devices (five) and back and forth to tabs.

(Solardave1) #2

Nope. Seems to run fine. Takes some time if you open the log because of the polling interval but eventually all the devices show up. That’s how I confirmed my ST motion sensor apparently died - need to bring it in and see what’s going on.

(Justin Novack) #3

It is slow for me. Definitely, not as responsive as I would expect it to be.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4

Yes. Unusable slow … at times. But far too often.

(greg) #5

the IDE is extremely slow when trying to simulate an app. the amount of time after “set location” until the settings page can be over 3 minutes.

i am using chrome on a mac with a very fast internet connection. any suggestions?