Is the github integration not working?

I cannot publish changes to SmartApps. The Commit menu looks funky and results in a Not found page.


Me too…I haven’t opened a ticket yet, but glad to hear it is not just me :slight_smile:

There is a partial outage for SmartApps in North America.

I doubt it they are related. This is not about SmartApp execution, this is about github - it looks like someone is trying to address the slow SmartApps tab in the IDE. Looks like they are going to update the github status of SmartApps in the list in an asychronous way…

Yep, broken for me too. I cannot compare old to new versions. Please update this thread if you get any more info.

I can Update from Repo, but I still can’t commit so a temporary workaround is to manually post it to github and then use update from repo to resync it with SmartThings.

Mine is quick too.
But I have noticed that smartapps are black italics (correct) but my device handlers are black normal font. (Not correct).
Not sure if this is why things have speeded up.
In fact all my repository data is blank in dh list.
The information is still in the settings though.

Been trying to commit since yesterday. Also have been doing the copy & paste technique, but now I have 6 NEW handlers I need to commit and it would be so much easier to use the integration rather than creating a new file in github.

I just updated and published a new smartapp, just to test. Then removed it with no problems… I guess this is a sporadic problem.

This is all I get when I click the commit button:

The little empty box never populates.

Ok I haven’t done that yet. I just updated and published. Is there a way I can test for you? Ok I just checked, same as you.

You can edit an existing file.

I see the same thing for device handlers, but I just noticed that the list is populated with a bunch of duplicates when I try to publish a SmartApp.

OK I modified a file then saved it and then published it. But the commit button doesn’t work. But I really didn’t need the commit button to do what I did. I don’t think I ever used it.

Sorry to say this, but I’m glad I’m not the only one this time. This has happened to me 3 times in the past couple of months. I reached out to ST supprt and they fixed it the first 2 times. Of course, no one ever documented what they did and it required an hour on the phone the previous 2 times. This (the 3rd time) they werent able to resolve, probably because it’s a bigger issue this time. Please, everyone create a support ticket so they know the issue is widespread.

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I have a symptom like you also.
I erased and reinstalled several times. T.T

Yes, same here. Just getting an error page when trying to compare / update to new version of SmartApp code from github integration. Been this way since late last week.

I am having the same issue, support ticket opened.

Hey guys sorry about having the inconvenience of having the IDE down. We are going to be reverting the commit that is impairing IDE functionality and deploying that code in the next couple of days. I will update this thread with updates.


So nothing for us to do, no bad links like last time, this is on your side?