Need help, GitHub IDE integration not showing changes/updates

I understand from reading some other threads that the GitHub integration was really designed more as a code collaboration mechanism and not as a version control distribution system. Even though GitHub itself is designed as a version control system.

That being said, is the benefit of doing the GitHub integration within the IDE solely to allow for code collaboration?

Updating code thru the integration never seems to work well for me. When trying to select the “Update from Repo” button within the IDE I see several instances of “SmartThingsPublic (master)” since that is the name of nearly everyone’s repositories. And from what I understand name changes are done by the owner only and done within GitHub.

This mentions that “…various SmartApps or Device Handlers are color-coded differently in the IDE. Each name will be color-coded differently depending on its state in the GitHub repository”

I have never seen this be the case. The colors of anything within my smartapps or device handlers within the IDE are always the same color even if there has been an update to the code by the developer.

Is there some setting I missed? I literally have reread that doc 20 times and still cannot figure it out.

@smgran. I noticed that up until a few weeks ago that i never saw color either within the smartapps or device handlers. I may have just stumbled upon the answer myself. :). As i was checking for github updates, i noticed that one of the github repositories was myself. I’m not sure how that may have been added, prolly early on with ST and getting familiar with the IDE. As soon as i removed myself as one of the line items, viola’! All of my smartapps and device handlers now had color associated with them.

Not sure how that werks if you do have your own apps and you need to have yourself on there. Just thought i’d share my experience with you.

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You sir are a bloody genius!!!

That worked!!! I merely deleted the repository that did in fact have my name as owner (SmartThingsPublic as name and Master as branch) and VOILA!!! all the smartapps, and device handlers immediately changed and were colorized.

I truly cannot thank you enough, you really are SUPERDAVE.



@smgran. No prob!

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FWIW, a tip that helps me with the other problem you mentioned (figuring out which “SmartThings Master” repo to choose: I just click the settings box to see the names of each one and identify which (e.g. “fifth down” or “penultimate”) one I want and then pick that one in the update list.

Good tip, thanks.

I know this is not a ST issue because only within GitHub can you change the name of the repo. But it is cumbersome especially if you have multiple repo’s with all the same naming, it would be great if in the ST IDE settings it would show the “owner” because that’s all we would need to easily identify.

But I like your workaround.