ST server down?

Smartthing is dead for anyone else? Mobile app just crash on startup. smarttiles not working so must be issue with their server. OH the great cloud went away. Bad weather keeping the cloud away?

@slagle, you forgot to pay the bill?

UPDATE: all is well again… hope some kid didn’t run out of the house without notice during the brief outage :slight_smile:


It must be. Can’t log into either of my accounts.

Same here. Another platform upgrade?

Oh nooo, here we go again.

Down here as well :frowning: Keeps listing Internet Connectivity Issue

Yay… dead phone app, minimotes dead, Alexa just told me to go "f’ myself cause she has no idea what “Kitchen Lights” are…


We’re on it

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but good news… is working… so buy more hardware… that will improve things :slight_smile:

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I would love to hear that conversation!

I can’t seem to get into the IDE either…

Super dead in Dallas. I walked in and my alarm went off. Never disabled. App crashes.

I just got to the IDE ok, but Show Hub takes forever to load, but I’ve been getting “Oh No! Something Went Wrong!” a lot. It’s been like that for a couple days, which I opened a ticket about.

EDIT: All good here too. Alexa being nice to me again too.

Seems to be back. I just got the app up and turned off all my red lights. :smile:

looks like its up for me

Yup… now it seems to be working correctly… All good here…

Hey, hey…thats my strategy. It has worked magically for me, ask my wife, NOT


We can tell! :joy:

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Something still not working right on my end. My AC is on but ecobee is not reporting correct status.

Edit: I post and of course it updates. :cry:

good job guys