Is something "big" happening on Tuesday?

I got this email:
“On Tuesday, October 20, SmartThings will be performing upgrades and improvements to the SmartThings service in the U.S. starting at 4 am ET. During this time control of devices, automations, and notifications will not be available. The total duration of the downtime should last no more than two hours, and once the upgrade has completed, everything will resume normal operation.”

its just a scheduled platform maintenance, they are letting us now things may not work during that period of time

They happen frequently - its usually just general upgrades on there side with the growth of smartthings and the user base . . . Its USUALLY only for 15 minutes but 2 hours of pre explained downtime obviously covers there arse for if anything goes wrong or takes longer

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From what I understand, this one is a fairly significant upgrade to the backend.

I missed the developer chat this week — any chance they are including local processing of device type or app access for developers?

We do this kind of thing regularly too but there is a little hope that maybe they’ll be addressing some of the issues like adding new users!