Support Email?

Just got this?

Anyone from Smartthings know what they are changing/fixing?

On Thursday 15 October, SmartThings will be performing upgrades to UK-based servers starting at 2 am GMT. During this time, your Hub will remain online, but control of devices, automations, and notifications will not be available. The total duration of the downtime should last no more than two hours, and once the upgrade has completed, everything will resume normal operation.

We will continue to monitor system performance and update the status page to keep everyone informed of changes to SmartThings availability.

Thank you,
The SmartThings team

I so hope it is OAUTH but who knows? The lack of any offical updates or information from ST on such a critical issue is baffling.

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It is however nice to have a notification of an outage. Suggests there is some change management. There are other companies who don’t bother at all to inform you of any outages, and even have a status page that claims there is no outage when there is (Nest I’m looking at you)

True and it has got my hopes up that the OAUTH issue is nearly over.

Still the ST statuspage shows all green with “All systems Operational” even though all OAUTH services have always been and remain broken.

Trying to keep quiet and patient. If I don’t have anything nice to say and all that :slight_smile:

So does anyone know what they done last night at all?

Just tried oAuth - Got so excited when it let me direct the IFTTT channel link to the EU API login… it even showed me my hub, allowed me to tick all the devices I own… Click submit… Internal Error… FAIL!

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Interesting it directed you to the EU graph.api. I don’t see any changes at IFTTT end to enable that.
I’m guessing there is a lot more work to do at IFTTT’s end so it knows where to direct the user to to connect the channel. I previously (before last nights update) tried manually redirecting and got the exact same result as you @deano12. Hope to see the release notes posted here

Ahhh sorry, it didn’t direct me to the UK part - I edited the link. I guess then nothing appears to have changed :frowning: