SmartThings Nov. 10 Infrastructure Update

Just got this:

“On Thursday, November 10, between 3:00 a.m. EST and 4:00 a.m. EST, we will be migrating and upgrading the SmartThings cloud platform. This update will increase the resilience and security of our infrastructure.”

“During the upgrade, your SmartThings Hub and mobile app will go offline and events will not be processed. When the update is complete, your Hub will reconnect to the SmartThings platform and devices and automations will resume operating.”

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It would nice if this announcement emphasized whether or not DTHs and SmartApps that are candidates for, and confirmed loaded for, “local processing” will continue to function on V2 Hubs.

Also the word “events” isn’t particularly consumer friendly. How is an “average consumer” supposed to know that an Amazon Echo command (for example) is an “event” that is affected by this? The message only says “mobile app”.

Perhaps sensor changes (motion, contact) and schedules are more obviously “events”, but … still… not sure this communication is optimal.

Then again, being down for an hour isn’t optimal either. Too bad there isn’t a way to do “instant cutover” and I wonder why not? Shortage of resources? Unavoidable replication time?

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I got this also. (I am a v1 hub user who rarely gets updates). Not sure if I received this incidentally.

This is an infrastructure upgrade - everyone will be impacted during the upgrade I would assume

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Yes everyone is impacted.

Unfortunately this downtime is required. We have moved every moving pice that we can to the new AWS infrastructure (VPC). The last 1% cannot be done any other way unfortunately. Your local automations will continue to work. They have no dependency on the cloud.


Tim, thanks for the update. A more stable platform will be appreciated.

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This the usual better faster hardware or are there other changes also?

It us moving from old AWS to new AWS. So better stuff and security basically.

Just to make sure I’m thinking right, the local automations will be like motion and door sensors that will continue to work?

Ok, thats what I thought…

What exactly do you mean by old AWS / new AWS? APS isn’t really a thing. Did you mean API?

Nope. Don’t know what happened there. I meant VPC.

Woke up this morning, system switched from Night to Morning - I confirmed via iOS app that mode was now Morning.

Opened back door of house to take dogs out - alarm goes off.

Check SHM and system is still ARMED (Home). Dismiss the alarm, hit the GOOD MORNING routine again hoping Security will change to DISARMED as it should - it does not.

I try to manually change the status from ARMED (HOME) to DISARMED - Icon spins for several seconds and resets to ARMED (HOME). Tried to set as ARMED (AWAY) - same thing, icon spins, resets to ARMED (HOME).

I have restarted the APP, rebooted the Hub, tried arming the system via GOODBYE routine, then turning it off via I’M BACK - everything just results in SHM being stuck in ARMED (HOME) mode.

At this point, I can’t open any doors, including my basement door without setting off an alarm. What’s up with SHM this morning?? Was the update that was applied last night responsible? My only solution to not setting off an alarm was to unplug the Hub so commands are no longer being processed.

iOS app, V2 Hub

Same issue here. It isn’t just you. SHM will not change state form me either. Stuck armed. My routines aren’t properly executing either.

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Same issue with SHM, it will not change from the armed-home mode that it was in before the upgrade.

So far all the rest of my routines and devices seem to be running correctly.

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Agreed. Had the same issue this morning, I couldn’t disarm the alarm since it continued to stay armed after spinning for a while .
Finally I didn’t want to wake up my family with sirens as I awoke and moved around or risk setting off any other alarms inadvertently so I went to the security settings and disabled all my sensors and resulting actions with sirens and lights and finally removed security entirely as a work around. If local automations were supposed to work during the upgrade and after, why is the security setting flaky?

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I didn’t think about removing motion sensors and door sensors from Security - that would at least allow the lighting triggers to continue working. Though, it does make Security useless when I leave the house … but so does just leaving the whole system unplugged!

My SHM was not changing from Armed Home either. I went through all my SHM settings and tapped Done on each page. Tapped Disarmed multiple times. Also used my Good Morning Routine multiple times. I have not rebooted my hub.

Finally, SHM changed to Disarmed.

YMMV, but somewhere in refreshing SHM settings, multiple attempts to manually change SHM and running Routines, SHM finally Disarmed.

I am getting lots of errors in the logs for CoRE, Nest Manager, Simple Device Viewer and other SmartApps stating: Access Denied

Each app is giving a different line in its code reporting this issue

My routines are not running as well since the update

SHM won’t disarm for me either. My morning routine didn’t fire as well. Put in a ticket and crossing my fingers.