Hub Firmware Update 11/17

Update tomorrow.


Good news! An update is available for your SmartThings Hub. Tomorrow from 9 am-12 pm PT, we will be automatically updating your Hub to the latest and greatest version. The update includes improvements to Smart Home Monitor, camera discovery, and a number of other bug fixes and enhancements.

The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes, during which time your Hub will temporarily go offline. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail.

The SmartThings Support Team


If hub updates are pushed in the middle of the day, what is the purpose of the “maintenance window” setting in the IDE?

Also: release notes? Pleeeeeeeease?


yayyyy more headaches coming… right before the holiday… yayyyy… Can’t wait to tell my relatives why things aren’t working the way they should be… yayyyy…


Ok, let’s have some fun this time… Any predictions?
Oh, how about a betting pool?

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Bluetooth enable. Full scale local processing. Local video storage. That’s my prediction.

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Is that your prediction for 2017?

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Come on now… At least keep it to real stuff! ! !

Ok. How about bug fixes and enhancements? :smile:

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Please also include a list of newly introduced bugs. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m pleased to see pre-notification. But if they would really like families to use this as a home automation system that they rely on daily, let alone one they rely on for security or monitoring, I would think a minimum pre-notification time would be three days. Enough time to come up with alternatives for when the system is out.

So, again, glad to see the pre-notification. But it would be even better if it gave us enough time to make arrangements to cover the period of outage.



…yayyyy cuboy’s gonna sell his stuff and go start his own home automation company!..yayyy!!!

That was what you were gonna say next…right? :wink:

Smart Home Monitor to get delay and door lock integration

…yayyy lol

Wake Up! Your dreaming!

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found a new psychic… yayyy… Now that IRIS is supporting zigbee HA… will all our devices work with them? Anyone have any experience with IRIS stability?

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Yep, they’ll stably charge you money every month :wink:


Also, if I might request, please no SmartThings equivalent of ‘The Winkening’ tomorrow… thank you!


Guess I should be ready to fix my routines…

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Everybody has different priorities, but I would gladly pay $10 a month if the things I set up in SmartThings that work on Monday would continue to work on Tuesday without requiring human intervention.

It costs me more than $10/month just to have somebody reset everything after each platform update. (Or each unexpected hub is not available)

Since Iris went through their own generation upgrade just a month or so ago, I don’t have any idea what the current reliability is. I only have a couple of friends who have it, they’re both happy with it. It doesn’t work for me, because it doesn’t have voice options or IFTTT or harmony integration. So I haven’t spent much time looking at it.

But for me, anyway, the business model is not the issue. I know there are people can’t stand the idea of paying a monthly fee but I’m not one of them. :wink: So as usual, a lot of the choice comes down to personal preference and what you need. Voice is not just a fun option for me, it’s a minimum requirement, so it changes my candidate list. Somebody else will have something else at the top of their list, so they’ll have different candidates.


I got the same notification but I’m still on v1 hub. So probably nothing to do with Bluetooth or other v2 hub new features. "Tomorrow from 9 am-12 pm PT "

Interesting I got another notification at the same time from NWS: “HIGH WIND WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 5 AM TO 6 PM PST TUESDAY…THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE… GUSTS NEAR 60 MPH

Curious to see how the hub firmware update goes…

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Right on point! I was about to post the same message last night. I am paying a buttload of money for other utilities like electricity, Internet, cable, cell phones, if a monthly payment is what it takes to provide a reliable service, I wouldn’t mind paying a monthly fee. So if IRIS or any other DIY subscription based provider would offer comparable system like ST does, I would jump ship in a heart beat to gain stability, but there is no equivalent for ST, at this very moment, is there?


I think that was the overall general consciences after the dust settled, when people read the fine print in the EUL that ST reserves the right to charge for services at some point. It is almost impossible to maintain a ( profitable) service solely on the sale of new hardware. Especially like in ST’s case your service uses mostly hardware sold by other people.
Like you said,other utilities. I pay Tivo $20/mo to use their program guide software on the DVRs I bought from them. I don’t think ST is at the level of Tivo (yet) when it comes to reliability though.

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