Is SmartThings ADT dead? (July 2019) (Lifeshield/Blue by ADT Acquisition and Support comments on EOL)

I got it in 2018. Long before there were any issues or discussion. I used it for my Basement that was being used as Rental property and the ADT/SmartThings was my selected Security System.
The main driver is it worked with SmartThings.

In the last 6 months, I decided to not use my Basement for renters. I then wanted to integrate my Main Floor/Upper Floor Wired Security System with my Basement. I looked at the Konnect system but after working with Maverrick ADT Tools, it made sense to abandon my wired system and install 2 more Dual Branded Sensors and 14 Generic Z-Wave Window or Door Sensors.

I did have a feeling that SmartThings support of the ADT/ST System may fade so other than the 2 Dual Branded sensors, everything I added worked directly with ST.

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ah, ok. You said just got it working so i thought it was a recent setup.

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I updated my response above to not totally sound like a dumbass. I think I can move to the STHM in SmartThings but will need to replace the 20 or so Dual Branded sensors that I have.

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Hi dear @Mavrrick58, Im understanding that dual branded ADT/ST devices cannot be paired in a standar ST hub?, I hope this will not happen because what about with all users we have dual branded devices in order to be most aligned to ADT/ST Hub ?, they are going to be just a crap after it ?..besides that its a silly dumb stuff in my App does not appear ADT brand to add devices because regional no sense issues, I hope dual branded devices could pair to another hub with Generic Zwave option… If not and ADT hub is shutdown, Then practically I will have to take all my ecosystem to the trash ? …Hope I will not.

Please comment about what did you do after that with dual branded devices, I do not want to send all my gear to the trash…too much $$ >=(

Also please if anyone has some news about future of ADT/ST hub I will appreciate…

Hi @CarlosJ,

I’m sure the Mavvrick and other have more complete information. From what I have read, my thoughts on the future of the ADT/SmartThings system is as follows:

  1. ADT/SmartThings originally had two parents (ADT and ST) and both were giving support. At some point the Joint Venture decided to stop promoting this system and stopped making Hubs and Sensors.

  2. ADT still offers monitoring and will continue that but as you know they want their money. They will have less and less Technical support and help capability with this system.

  3. ST is using resources to allow access through their APP and also with 3rd party Smartapps for users of the ST/ADT system. From what I read, they do not want to continue providing those resources and will eventually pull the plug.

  4. This would mean that you would not be able to manage your ADT/ST Security through the ST App and also that all 3rd party Smartapps would stop working.

  5. Your ADT/ST Hub and Security system would still function but with no remote capability via an App.

  6. It is highly unlikely that ST would be willing or able to take on the task of making the Dual Branded Sensors of ADT/ST work with the ST Hub. There is built in security of all the ST/ADT sensors that only allow them to connect to the ADT/ST hub.

  7. You will still have what you paid for other than the capability of interface of the ADT/ST system through the ST App. For me, that was the biggest selling point.

I’m still hoping that ST will make a decision and provide resources to allow the ADT/ST hub and many 3rd Party Smartapps and Device Handlers to function in their new “non IDE Environment”


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Edited to remove my ramblings.

The Window/Door and Motion sensors use a proprietary communication method which will only allow them to connect to the ADT/Smartthings alarm Panel. To go even further only the ADT side of that hub as well. The smartthings side has never had direct access to those sensors. You can’t use them on any other Zwave, zigbee, or even any other ADT system. As i understand it the Water detectors are standard Zigbee, and as such they have a good chance of just working on any zigbee hub. I suspect the firealarm and other home alert items are zigbee as well.

My big concerns come from recent announcements from Smarthings on these threads about the direction the platform is going. Smartthings has made it clear they want to get out of the hardware business and they have made it clear they want to start to phase out or have no involvement with older gear. As much as it pains me knowing that the V2 gear which the Smartthings ADT Panel and the V2 of the hub are actually better hardware then the V3 it seems like they are likely on the chopping block. Then you add to that the info @stumrick got from support for both Smarththings and ADT and things look really bad for us. If it came from one side then you could easily say it is just a support person blowing smoke to end a event, but both sides gives the condition a bit more cred.

The problems is without a official announcement from ADT or Smartthings everything said is speculation. It can go in so many different directions with different impacts to us users. Consider this though. Even if all they do is disable the ADT Dashboard in the smarthings app and disable the ability to add senors through smartthings then you can’t manage any aspects of the ADT Side of the panel. Basically the state of he setup on they day they do that is what it will be going forward.

I have ordered a Hubitat C7 Hub to basically be my backup and take on the role of the hub whenever Smartthings does what they are thinking. For the time being I will use the Hub Connect integration to let the two hubs run together. If Smartthings turns off the hub side i will likely just recycle my door/window and motion sensors and say goodbye to Smartthings completely. I going to going pick up some Aeotec Zwave gen 5 and Gen 7 sensors for both the door/windows and motion.

Simply put i am not going to give a company that intentionally breaks hundreds of $$$ of my good gear simply because they don’t want to allow it to work. The only reason my ST account may stay active is to facilitate some cloud connected devices through it.


I have a few questions regarding the SmartThings ADT.

It looks very similar to the 2GIG GC3 security panel. Does anyone know whether it is based on this panel?

I do have 2GIG GC3 security panel, but the only way to control the panel using an app is by having a contract in place which does not work for me.

Is the SmartThings ADT security portion of the device controllable by an app and does it require a contract/subscription?

If the panel is indeed manufactured by Nortek (2GIG) are the devices compatible?

The starter kit is $100 which means the devices themselves are worth it if they are compatible. (I know the ADT devices are not working the smartthings hub).

How does the builtin Smartthings hub to the standalone Smartthings hub?

Can I add the ADT as a secondary controller to my main Smartthings hub?

A lot of questions, but any feedback is appreciated.

The general answer to all of your questions is unfortunately no.

The smartthings/ADT dual logo panel is a proprietary system which is not compatible with any other ADT system or any 2gig system or any other Nortek system.

Most of the dual logo sensors use a proprietary frequency which was never used for anything else. Most of the dual logo sensors will not work with other SmartThings hubs either. (I believe the leak sensor is the exception.)

The panel also includes a Z wave radio and a zigbee radio and so it can also work with other devices that work with a Smartthings V2 hub. however, the firmware is also unique and has not been kept up-to-date so it doesn’t have the full capabilities even of the V3 smart things hub.

You might technically be able to add it as a Z wave Secondary to smartthings but that doesn’t give you very much and it doesn’t give you access to the dual logo sensors or the zigbee devices.

The security functions of the dual logo panel work through the smartthings app, and you have to pay ADT for a monitoring contract if you want professional monitoring, But the device is in EOL status and some people have been told by support that it will stop working in January 2021. I don’t know if ADT will even let you sign up for a contract at this point.

At this point I would just consider this a dead end device, even if somebody wants to give you one for free.

@JDRoberts As always thank you very much for your detailed and insightful answer.

Is there any security panel which allows you integrate with SmartThings without having to shelve out a lot of money for a monthly plan that you are aware of?

If you want something with professional monitoring, you can use Noonlight , but you are still totally dependent on the Internet, there’s no cellular option.

[RELEASE] Professional smart home monitoring for security and smoke alarms with Noonlight

If you just want a nice keypad to use with smartthings with the official smartthings home monitor features, no professional monitoring, rboy has a DTH for the ring security GEN 2 keypad, which is a nice device. But you have to pay for the one time rboy subscription and you still aren’t getting cellular communications. It’s just smartthings with a keypad.

[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler

But personally, I just wouldn’t use smartthings for security in any configuration. It’s lacking basic features. Like there’s literally no way to arm/disarm locally. There are lots of other good candidates out there for a low cost DIY purpose built security system with optional monitoring, including ring and abode. There’s limited integration between those and smartthings, but again, ST just really isn’t meant to be a security system now that the ADT dual logo system is going away.

I fully agree and that is why I look for a security panel. Regarding Abode, my understanding is that there support is not great and the automation requires a subscription. My understanding about Ring is that they are limited in the number of 3rd party devices they support.

I have a couple of friends with about Abode and neither has had any particular complaints about support, and they like the system. Amazon reports seem to be mixed on this,. you do have to pay a monthly fee, though.

Ring security is like most DIY security systems: you use the devices on their approved list and it’s a short list. But that’s how they ensure reliability.

Anyway, there’s lots of competition in this space to consider.

Thanks for your kindly answers my friend, well when something is end is end, definitely is not good this kind of decisions for a company left a project and forget their clients, could be good a law to make companies support any project for some further years to avoid clients get lost like us, but we have to accept and flow with the reality as it is. So its good start thinking about next movement, I hope “sunset” do not affect functionality, if ST App does not suppor anymore its ugly ADT dashboard, I do not care too much, I do not use it, Im using great Sharptools dashboards to handle everything, if ST cut links with ADT panel but physical panel still working could be a breath because at least alarm panel could be armed in the mid time, anyway I will start looking for new ways for secutiry and home automations, thanks again for your great ADT Tools 2, it permits great experience with all this stuff. Luck !