Is Smart Lighting cache the issue?

Ok so, I was able to replicate the problems I’ve been having with Smart Lighting app since Saturday. It involves the Android 2.0.3 app and Smart Lighting, using the same combination of devices.

These are the steps:

Use an existing (or create a new) Smart Lighting instance using one of the triggers.
Attempt to change the triggers
When the phone screen goes black, kill (force stop) the SmartThings app.
Open back the SmartThings app and ensure that trigger was saved, if not, repeat above step.


None of the Smart Lighting instances are working and no matter what I do, I am unable to use the same combination of devices for at least a day to recreate the same instances. Rebooting the hub doesn’t help, nor does uninstalling Smart Lighting. I am, however, able to set up new Smart Lighting instances using other devices, as well as cloud based apps replicating the same non-working Smart Lighting and the changes are taking effect within couple of minutes.

I finally got back all of my lighting automations, by using the cloud apps instead of Smart Lighting.

Update: routines don’t fire either while this is going on; and my presence sensor “arrives” without leaving


I believe from this post, and my experience that it is the editing during the period of instability (including possibly now, but maybe only before the hotfix) was the issue.

I was thinking of documenting my setup in a post because I have had only two issues exactly, and all I did was open and close apps to fix. My one routine that didn’t run, I didn’t touch it, and it ran the next time.

So I really think what you’ve just posted @SBDOBRESCU is the root of the issue, or one root (there could be multiple issues). Whether or not it’s fixed though, or is everyone’s issue is another thing.

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I must admit that I had a hard time figuring this one out and it is trully unfortunate that I had to undo everything I’ve built since I started over with v2. But who could’ve thought that the most ‘beloved’ app is the culprit. Well, should’ve listened to @bravenel, because he said it many times before that are more problems with officially created apps than personal apps. If one of my custom apps wouldn’t have misbehaved due to a small user error, I would have probably looked at Smart Lighting first, before deleting all others one by one. Oh well, it is what it is, and that’s why I call it a hobby.

Agreed. The best way to describe Home Automation today is a hobby. It just isn’t reliable enough to move to the mainstream in my opinion.