Time based events failing?

@JDRoberts due to your knowledge and over willingness and much appreciated tendency of helping others, I am sure that you are the prime target of the poltergeist. Exercise caution and ask your house mates to have a baseball bat ready! :wink: I am lucky just being a happy go lucky guy!

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bummer… I guess I can count myself lucky I only had to delete two routines and re-add and have been good… I did disable the 4 cameras on my hub… wonder if they were overloading the hub streaming video to it and it missed events… probably just a coincidence however.

iVE Also added backup rules… for instance I have lights set to come on at sunset -30 I also added routines to turn them on and dim later… based on fixed time… This way by 10 they should be on regardless even if the sunset one fails.

We are at 333 posts (half the demon), whoever posts the 666, we will know who it is! So please keep it coming.


Just to add that I too have random scheduling problems with SmartApps : they randomly break down / hang-up, and although the ST platform instability is the most likely suspect, I am most of the time never sure after the fact of the actual cause.
On average, every periodic SmartApp breaks down about once every month.
I have to reinstall them cleanly (Uninstall+Save+Publish for me+Install) to reactivate them.

My periodic SmartApps use runIn() for re-scheduling from one activation to the next.
ST support suggested that runEvery1Hour() only once at installation may provide more stable behavior, but they did not seem 100% sure of that.

Routines didn’t fire when they were supposed to. I went through and edited every single event and re-saved it… after yet another long reboot so I’ll report back. The first round of events this morning which were having issues seemed to work today, so fingers crossed.

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I am 12 hours in without an incident, here is how I am avoiding my poltergeist. Don’t know what it is, but at least I know how to avoid his presence.

Count me as a victim of this new strain of SSDS. I had my whole system nice and stable and thought I was living in the future. Now I am taken back to my early computing days where I would walk in my office and wonder what crashed over night. Scheduling is pretty much a core function of a smart home akin to “posting” or “viewing” for a message board app. If scheduling does not work, then essentially the application does not work. At least in my organization this would be considered a severity 1 trouble ticket with round the clock focus on getting it fixed. I don’t see much evidence of this.

I hope the folks at Samsung (notice I didn’t say SmartThings) understand that these are the sort of issues that kill a platform. These last week has DESTROYED the Wife Acceptance Factor in my house. Besides for almost none of our schedule routines working properly, we had a false alarm “Water in the powder room” wake us up at 2 am, for nothing. The system is a joke to her now. It’s a cause for friction for our family. I am tired of making excuses and hoping things will get better. With the resources behind this product, it is not an impossible problem to solve. Its time someone is held accountable and its time we see a real plan to fix these problems with a timeline. I have not even opened a ticket as I have seen on the forums support is so overwhelmed they cannot even respond.


For those having time based SmartApps/Routines failing, check and see if the “Next Run Time” is set in the past for that event.

Web API >>> “My Locations” >>> “List Smart Apps” and view each time based smart app/routine.

In each one, I had to open up the smart app on my phone and select done to re-initialize it and the “Next Run Time” was then set to a time in the future.


Ditto, 100%. Today is another day with another SmartThings problem. After yesterday’s misadventure,and eventual resolution, now I’m back to where I was last week – all mode changes and time-based triggers failed to happen. I updated my open trouble ticket, for all the good it does (almost 24hrs since I reported and provided a log screenshot showing possible database corruption that could be key to solving everyone’s problems, and no repsonse from ST… or even an indication that they’ve read it. Also no response from the people that @JDRoberts tagged here as a result of my report).

As much as I Iike this system when it works, it has become a second full-time job to keep it running. Family acceptance is less than zero, and the system would be gone if it were up to them. I give this system one week tops before there is a family revolt and I’m forced to remove it (if things don’t improve).


I just got done writing support.

Over the last week, several (if not all) of my automated routines and timed actions have failed to trigger. I’ve even tried to go to the apps, change settings, save, and change settings back to re-register the apps. I have the version 1 hub.

For example:
This morning, my lights did not turn off at sunrise as programmed in smart lighting app.
My home did not arm when all presence detectors turned away.
My home did not go into stay mode at sunrise.
Earlier this week, my lights didn’t turn on at sunset.

What’s going on here??? This is horrible.

Im hub v1 and having all the same issues. Routines and timed automations don’t work

I had one instance of my gentle wake up fire as normal this morning. But the second instance did not.

I follow what you said and mine had a screwed up date too.

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I hate to be stupid but where do you find the web api? New to ST’s and the forums. My timed Good Night routine worked until I added a thermostat.


I don’t see “Next Run Time” when I look at the smartapp details. Here is an example. What am I missing? This is a time based smart light that turns a lamp on,then off. It has been working for about 5 days since I updated the time and saved it.

Grrr, another day of lights on when it’s bright outside.

I haven’t had a lot of problem with my scheduled apps not running. I’ve only had two fail so far.

But, I did just go through the api for my scheduled apps and I saw a couple of more that would have failed.

So, I went through every smart lighting instance and just clicked next and then done for every one. After rechecking the api they are all now in a waiting status for a future time.

Though we shouldn’t have to do this, It is a pretty quick and easy fix.

Good tip. Lets see if these routines fire now at next scheduled time and if they continue to fire.

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After last week’s update, my Smart Lighting triggers started working, and everything was fine until yesterday afternoon when our alarm was accidentally tripped, and I remotely disarmed it. The following has happened since:

  • The good night routine which should automatically be set after 10pm when motion stops (“things quiet down”) never fired
  • The good morning routine “” 6am when things start happening never fired

Lighting events worked fine though. I reviewed the location log and there’s nothing abnormal except for the missing events.

I’m on a v2 hub. I think the recent set of ST fixes are turning out to be whack-a-mole. ST might have bit off more than it can chew with this v2 update. But I’m patient because I’m an early-adopter and also got a sweet deal on this hub. I’m spending way too much political or “WAF” capital though!

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All scheduled events and runIn() failing here today. This just started today, yesterday was fine. This is the worst ST failure I’ve ever seen. They have really hosed it.


Yeah, I woke up to the dark ages as well.

It does seem that the scheduling issue in the cloud is based around the last run/next run update protocols. At least the trend I’m seeing from the community seems that way. I hope the imagineers at ST see that…

But at least worth a little maintenance on our end we are getting it under control.

But honestly, I absolutely do NOT want to take my hub down for 15 minutes every day and recomplete every scheduled app I have just to get through the day.