Smartlighting stopped working (19 Oct 2024)

Good morning is anyone having issues with the smart lighting app?

It was working intermittently and then completely stopped.

I tried turning it on and off with no luck.

The only thing left is to recreate the whole smart lighting set up

Has anyone had this issue and is there a solution?

Thank you in advance

I can’t help with the issue but submitted for your consideration:

There are fewer reasons to use Smart lighting than in the past.

  1. Routines now are local execution of the devices are local so that advantage is gone
  2. Routines can easily be individually disabled
  3. Routines will generally show up in the Routines tab of device details, Smart lighting automations will not.
  4. Both Smart lighting automations and Routines count towards your max number of automations so no advantage there

The only function Smart lighting can perform which is difficult or impossible with Routines is syncing the levels of multiple dimmers.

If you do end up needing to recreate, it might be time to evaluate using Routines in place of some of your Smart lighting automations.



I had to edit and touch every smart lighting automation, and everything started working again

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Dictation error? :thinking:

Lol. Yes very sorry. I tried to update everyone and lately the swiping and dictation has been less than perfect.