UPDATED 10/7/2015 -- "Double Duty" - Use redundant switch presses to control other lights. You paid a lot for those switches, make them work Double Duty!

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This App is not working for the Linear Z-Wave Switch. Maybe it doesnt notifies redundant on or off commands.

I’m using this on a Linear Zwave Dimmer Switch to control two GE Link zigbee bulbs and it is NOT working properly. For the most part it will turn them off but it continuously turns them ON on its own. Even if I only tell it which lights to turn off, it turns the lights on. As in, nobody is near the switch and it sends the ON command every 10 minutes or so after its been turned off. ST is reporting the Double Duty app is sending the command.

Just some feedback to help improve the app, I’d love to get it working.

My GE switch controlling GE outlets stopped working last night. I haven’t had time to investigate why but it may be the Poltergeist issue since the platform upgrade. Loved it while it worked.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I think the platform upgrade messed my app up, it doesn’t really work right for me any more either. I haven’t had time to investigate but hopefully will soon.

Mine are working properly since I learned how to avoid my poltergeist. Here is my thread on what I found and how I solved my problems…

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I’m not entirely sure I am following what you are saying in that post. Are you saying that Smart Lighting is/was somehow creating these “poltergeist” events that were interfering with apps like this one that are very sensitive to such behavior? And that it was resolved by stopping the use of Smart Lighting altogether?

If so, that’s quite interesting.

yes, everything is unstable while that specific incident happens (I was able to replicate that behavior several times in the past 5 days) …It may be that it happens with other apps too - when the Android app crashes - but in my testing, I was only able to break my apps using Smart Lighting…Bottom line, is that “double duty” and everything else been working fine here since I started avoiding the pattern described.

It doesn’t work with my Linear WS15Z-1 Z-Wave Wall Switch either. :cry: oh well, I do have other types of switches that do work.

I just discovered your app from Double Tap to Better Double Tap, to Double Duty. Your new method is by far the most reliable with consistent results, I think it’s fantastic and I can even use it as a pseudo 3-way switch. :grinning: However, I was wondering if you could include the “All Off” or “All On” options for the alternate switches instead of toggles? I would like to be able to press a switch to turn everything off as I leave an area no matter what on/off state my devices are in. Thanks again for a really useful app!

Edit: I don’t think I was very clear regarding the “All Off” or “All On” options. What I meant was to add those options as extra choices along with the toggle options. Basically, I like the switch options found in Better Double Tap to also be included in Double Duty or maybe even make a variant of Double Duty using them.

This is great!..and something that should be in the native app.

Unfortunately my Linear dimmer switches used to work last year and then they stopped working permanently. Even with the new Double Duty my atheistic prayers were not answered. :slight_smile: If you want a good LED dimmer Linear is the way to go but if you want DD to work you will have to use GE (not great at dimming) or some other brand which responds to multiple presses.

I thought GE Dimmers were made by Linear?

I’m really happy to hear that you’ve found these apps so useful! And thanks for the kind words.

In regard to “All On” or “All Off”, I could implement those easily but there is already an app called “Big Switch” that does this. Of course that is less flexible than my app here, so I’ll keep it in mind for possible inclusion in the future!

I think Evolve makes Linear switches, GE is a different animal. I believe the issue is that GE will send redundant off commands and Linear/Evolve will only send one.
I still don’t know why mine used to work unless I changed out a GE for a Linear during the testing (due to GE’s poorer dimming qualities) and I forgot.

I thought that ‘Big Switch’ got deprecated and is now included into Smart Lights. However, what I like is your Double Duty function so that I can just use the bottom ‘Off’ part of a switch to turn everything off no matter the existing state of the switches. :slight_smile:

Are Linear Dimmers better at dimming LEDs?

The one downside I have found with the GE Dimmers (dimmers, not switches) with my app is that when they finish “dimming down” when turned off, another physical “off” event is sent. I don’t know if that’s an issue with the switch or the driver (device type) interpretting it incorrectly.

You are right, Smart Lighting does it now too and is better. I can add it one day if I think of it, but it’s a niche use-case as this app is generally used so that people can control lights independently from the hard-wired lights.

OK, I get it, thanks for considering adding it. Interesting enough though, I was first looking at Better Double Tap and that is how it is setup. I just can’t seem to get the double tapping to work for me.

Oh, I misunderstood what you were requesting. I read into it too much, you’re just asking that the redundant presses have the option to not toggle but just perform either on or off functionality. I was thinking you meant that you just wanted to link various other switches/lights to every on/off press of the main switch (what Smart Lighting and formerly Big Switch did).

That’s something that could be implemented. The reason I didn’t think to do that is just because I made this app for my own particular use case which was just to be able to toggle a GE Link bulb in my living room. The type of functionality you requested would really only work with regular switches and not dimmers due to the issues I mentioned earlier (and in the OP) with how dimmers behave when being turned off (i.e., you’d have no way to turn off the hard-wired lights without the linked lights turning off as well). The nice thing with leaving it as a toggle, is that toggling at least gives you a means to “correct” any unexpected behavior that may occur (like a remote light turning off when you didn’t want it to), whereas with discrete operations if something doesn’t work right, you’re kind of stuck.

Haven’t had a ton of time to look at this app but I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I get around to revamping it a bit!

OK, thanks. I think this will add even more flexibility to your Double Duty smartapp. It’s nice to have options. :slight_smile: