Is Philips Hue the neglected one and TCP the favored one

Just a little bit of sarcasm here… How come TCP gets all the attention while the hues doesn’t see any flowers on its grave both being in the labs? Though I understand that they both suffer. Any thoughts?

I can still turn my hues on and off.

I noticed the recent flurry of activity regarding TCP bulbs recently, but I figured it was due to the major change regarding secured https requirements suddenly changed for LAN access to the TCP hub.

Philips Hue Bridge hasn’t undergone such a radical change, right?

My Hue’s have worked well since the day I got 'em…

I think half dead (hue) is better than fully dead(TCP)! What am I doing different that mine dies every day! :frowning:

You mean to say that TCP’s cannot be turned on/off using their app too? In that case I do retract my comments and apologize. I am sorry I have not been seriously digging into the TCP thread!

Just curious and a question for you. Does not using the stock and third party apps help you for the hues? In that case I am going to use ST exclusively and see what happens. I do turn it on and off exclusively via ST but occasionally use third party apps for colors.

You can still turn them on and off with the TCP app if you are connected locally. They have done something to break the app’s own remote access. It’s more convenient to go to the light switch than it is to pull out my phone, open TCP’s janky app, and find the light to turn it off. The only reason I have the TCP bulbs is to integrate them with SmartThings

Holy cra@! At least I can use third party apps remotely! And ST app too…:

Yes – I find the official Philips Hue mobile app and some of the third-party apps (particularly Windows Mobile and Windows Metro) useful, and grateful I can keep my bulbs on the Hue Bridge while still being controllable through SmartThings too.

I still have to use the Hue app each night to ensure my Hues have turned off. In fact, ST gets it right so infrequently that when I walk into a dark basement I’m amazed because 99% of the time ST has left at least one light running that should have been off.

Of course this scenario also means that ST failed to trigger them back on when I entered the basement. I don’t believe my setup of turn on when open and off after no motion detected has ever worked perfectly.

@pd_ Even though I started this thread with a little bit of sarcasm but realize that TCP users are in worse shape as looks likeTCP hosed them royally. Hope things will get better… I am sure.

Lately my lights gets missed too always.

@juano2310 might have something to add to this thread.


Hi everyone! I’ve been working on HUE a bit and we are bringing some improvements on this integration soon. If you have any particular question please let me know :smile:

  1. Are you referring to connections through the Hue Bridge or direct?

  2. My bulbs are working fine (99%) with SmartThings via Hue Bridge… So…

  • Do you have a list of known issues / bugs / feature requests? (i.e., I’m curious to know what folks are finding is broken).

…CP / Terry.


Overkill I know, but I have my Hues on a Linear ZWave Switch. They act as normal bulbs for WAF, can be turned on and off reliably for regular automated use (occupancy simulation etc), and if I want to get funky with colors I have modified an existing app to support Hue Scenes (it’s a little flaky) or I use the Hue App.

@tgauchat @aimc

Here’s are my very simple use case and issues:

Background: 13 hues in three adjacent rooms separated by single wall or none. I use ST via Hue Hub and not directly. Using the stock app, QuickHue, OnSwitch etc. all of these can be turned on/off instantly (remotely too if the third part app supports it).

  1. Switching on/off using any app other than ST does not show the correct state in ST. ’

  2. Switching on/off using ST app always shows the correct state in any third party app.

  3. Trying to switch individual hues at times will be stuck at “Turning on or off …” like eternity. Again this is intermittent.

  4. Using Hello Home actions like “Turn Living Room Lights On” or “Off” in most cases will leave out a bulb or two. 5 hues involved.

  5. Using Hello Home actions like “Turn Family Room Lights On” or “Off” in most cases will leave out a bulb or two. 5 hues involved.

  6. Scheduled “Good morning” based on motion sensor’s “Things Start Happening” with only 4 hues will fail to turn on at least one of the hues.

  7. Once both of us leave for work at different times, using my own custom code, I switch off the hues which are on. THIS HAS YET TO FAIL EVER. ALWAYS WORKS.

  8. Scheduled “Lights on at sunset” with random “before” offset tries to trigger automatically to switch on 11 hues. The event is always triggered unless there is some ST server issue. This guarantees that couple of lights will not turn on and will be missed. I think I should break this into smaller group and see.

  9. Scheduled or manual Good Night turns off all 13 hues and will of course miss to turn off a few hues, Again I should try with a smaller group, I think.

Lately more and more hues are getting missed.
If I reboot the hub, I am able to turn on all 13 hues in one shot for the next few times at least.


Seeing this exception in the log for the hue bridge:

error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method multiply() on null object @ line 516

I opened a support ticket.

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I agree with other people’s comments regarding reliabilty. Sometimes a hue light in a group will not turn off or on from Smartthings. Anything that can be done to improve this would be great.

Additionally I would really like to create scenes (various color and brightness levels) with specific hue lights and active these scenes using a zwave aeon labs minimote. This might already be possible using a custom smart app but needs to be part of the base Smartthings dashboard or hello home actions.

@tgauchat I’m referring to the integration through the HUE bridge supported by the official API.

The focus is to increase reliability on the discovery process, improve the mechanism to detect IP changes and, if possible, integrate scenes :smile:


I’ve heard that ST doesn’t support transition times between colors, if that is true will you be adding that? I’ve been on the fence about getting some hues.