Is my ZigBee radio dead? V2 Hub

All of my ZigBee devices are showing up as offline this morning. This happened for the first time last week, but after 2 reboots, they reconnected. Today I have restarted it 3 times but the ZigBee devices won’t reconnect. All of my Zwave devices are connected. I have a V2 hub. Is it time to use the hub transfer to a new hub? Or is there more troubleshooting I can try?

The normal suggestion I see when this happens is to power off the hub for 20-30 minutes so that your devices will go into panic mode. Then when you start your hub again, the Zigbee network will be rebuilt.


Just turned it off for 30 minutes and I’m having no luck now that I’ve turned it back on :pensive:

Start by checking the hub status at the Web UI to your SmartThings account,

In particular, check the status of the hub’s Zigbee radio.

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Thanks for the info. I’ve sent an email to support as well, we’ll see if I hear back. It is showing as available

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Dont forget you have to remove the battery when trying the power off for 30 minutes if you have a V2 hub.


Don’t rush out to buy a replacement hub… you could end up with the same exact issue.

I am having a similar issue. My Zigbee outlets are all offline. My Zigbee bulbs don’t show offline but are almost completely unresponsive. Commands from the app sometimes work, but most of the time I get a network error. Nothing on my end (that I know of) has changed.

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I’m having lots of issues with Zigbee devices, too. I chalked it up to moving outlets/plugs around to power Christmas decorations (trees, etc.), but even after powering down the hub for 30+ minutes and giving it 12+ hours, things seemed to get better, but then it seems worse. Not sure what to do at this point. :frowning:

I use WiFi plugs for temporary Holiday decorations. Then I don’t affect my mesh when they are removed.


Have you tried changing the Zigbee channel for your hub? Compare the channel to what your wifi router is using, and if they are the same, or too close to each other, change your hub’s Zigbee channel. There’s a good post from JD on this subject:


I ended up rebooting my hub. I was reluctant at first because I wanted to try to figure out why it happened and if it was a common problem. Everything is back online but commands still seem slow. I too have “holiday” plugs but they worked just fine for several days before I started having issues.

Good idea. I have never had issues in the past, but moved things around more this time and really busted it. I’m praying it will eventually self heal all the way…but the repeated offline/online notifications are killing me right now.

I have not tried this in the past, as the channels were well separated…but I’ve since switched routers, so this may be an issue I need to investigate.

Sigh…me, too. All were existing plugs or bulbs (lamps) that got moved to control things or to make room for a Christmas tree. Oh well.

I was able to get everything back connected finally. Had to re-add every ZigBee devices :face_exhaling:


I hope that works. Mine was working great for about a day or so…now my Zigbee devices aren’t responding again. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Just to get this out of the way… Have you changed anything about your Wi-Fi recently? New router? More extenders? Different Wi-Fi channel? Or even bought a new Wi-Fi device which might be generating a lot more bandwidth, like a new streaming box or game player or even security cameras.

I’m sure you know this, but for those who don’t, Wi-Fi and zigbee transmit on the same frequency, and it’s easy for strong Wi-Fi to drown out the much weaker Zigbee messages.

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I don’t believe I have made any changes or additions to the WiFi. Last night, I was having some WiFi issues (devices not connecting) with a few devices…makes me wonder if a neighbor or something else in my home has gone berserk.


If you’ve got an Android phone there are several WiFi Analyzer / Network Analyzer apps that can help you see what WiFi channels are active. I’d guess there are Apple apps as well.

I’m lucky enough to live out in the country so the only signals I have to deal with are my own network.


Yes, I used one to move my Zigbee channel away from my WiFi and others I saw that were in the vicinity of my old zigbee channel. Too bad they can’t provide a real spectrum scan. :slight_smile:


I am having exact same issues on a V3 hub the last 2 weeks.

I discovered that my router had auto updated its software, and set channel to auto, and maybe selected a channel that was very close to my ST hub zigbee channel (24).
I set the channel to manual channel 1 on my 2.4GHz wifi, and had to repair all my zigbee devices again (>50)…
The hub did not want to reconnect to devices without pairing again…
I of course tried all the suggestions from above, also moving mu ST hub away from the router and all other electronics.
It work for a day or so, then zigbee devices start to go offline, more and more each hour…

I though about if it is a memory shortage on the hub, maybe to many devices (110) and automations (200-250), so I started to delete edge drivers I don’t use.
I deleted Hue driver, JBL driver, Sonos driver, Samsung Audio driver and a couple more, because I don’t have such equipment. I am using Bose and Alexa for sound, and don’t have any Hue.
The day after, all the deleted edge drivers are on the hub again!

It seems like these drivers are default, selected by Samsung, so they will just install them if I delete them?

I cannot imagine that the zigbee radio in the hub is bad, as it work for a day or so…

I think I have reconnected and repaired all my zigbee devices 3-4 times now, I am starting to investigate how I switch to Home Assistant…
A pitty… ST have worked perfect for over 3 years now :frowning:

How do I contact support for this issue (EU, Denmark), and is there somewhere I can give support access to the hub so they can analyze?