Lost all ZigBee devices overnight (Hub V2)


Long term ST user, and now really struggling to keep everything in order. Most items have stopped working, and I just kinda put up with it, but the core items have been doing ok (lighting), until recently, when they all just stopped. It’s like Zigbee died!

Can anyone help me troubleshoot please?

here’s a screenshot of all my zigbee items offline

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

What model hub do you have? In this case, it does make a difference. :thinking:

Hi JD.

It’s Hub v2.

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Just wanted to try again to see if anyone can shed some light on why this happened and what I can do to get it back operational again?

Do I need to delete and add again? doesn’t zigbee devices need a “goodbye” from one host before i can be connected to another? (or was that zwave?)


I also have v2 hubs. I have noticed with the last 2 firmwares that battery operated Zigbee devices are marked offline after a power outage or hub reboot. If I leave them alone they are eventually marked back on-line by themselves. Also if you trip them by lets say opening a door they are marked back on line.

I don’t think they are actually offline. The hub just has not heard from them since the last reboot, so they are marked offline in the app.

As far as repairing Zigbee devices goes, there is no need to delete them first. You can just put them in pairing mode and re-pair. With this method they are paired with the same name and they stay connected to all automations.

You are correct Zigbee devices can only be connected to one hub.

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