Option to alert if contact sensor is open on mode change

Need help finding a way to know if I left something open when I change a mode. Any ideas?

This is perfect

I am on Hub 2.0. I tried that app but can’t get it to work. My settings I input get erased as soon as I exit the app. They worked perfect with Hub 1.0.

weird. I’m on hub2 and I have it installed and I just did a test and made sure it works and it does. I would suggest maybe deleting your app from the ide and reinstalling it from github?

I also use it :wink:

Haha didn’t you develop it? LOL. I got it working and feel really stupid. At first I was going to Marketplace and selecting MyApps from there I found the App and was able to set it up. I assumed that is where I went to edit it. Nope! That is to setup another instance of it. All is working as expected. Thank you for this App. It works perfect!

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