Door Lock/Unlock Notification

Anybody know where the notification to tell you when the door is locked or unlocked went? Having trouble finding it in the new app.

It’s called Pushover Notify. It’s in the Marketplace.


Thanks. That works. Not sure why I didn’t find that searching in the forum. I was looking for the simple one that was in v1 but looks like they got rid of it.

I think it’s weird how locks are left out of a lot of apps made by SmartThings. Even the Smart Home Monitor doesn’t have an option for locks. Do people only care that the door is shut?

They’ve said there’s a new lock wizard coming, like smart lights but for doors and locks. So apparently we will get lock triggers back eventually.

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I cannot find “Pushover Notify.” Can someone tell me where to find it? Thanks!

You can do this with Trigger Happy also.

Thanks, Bravenel, for the link. I figured it out. I didn’t know anything about custom apps. If anyone is reading this and you’re as confused as I was, the link above to Trigger Happy is custom code. You have to and create a new app. Here are INSTRUCTIONS. Paste in the code per the instructions, go to your phone and then you’ll find My Apps. Configuring the triggers is fairly intuitive.