Report on home status during mode change?

Am I missing a SmartApp somewhere, or is there no way for me to have SmartThings give me an overall home status report once a mode changes? For example, if I put the home into “Goodnight” mode overnight … but the external garage door sensor is showing as open … I’d like ST to be able to tell me that. Likewise, if I leave the house and the geofencing detects I’m gone and changes the house into “Away” mode … if I’ve left a window open, I’d like it to tell me that.

Is it in there somewhere and I just haven’t found it? This seems like a pretty straightforward thing … but I can’t say I remember seeing that capability in the past.

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Thanks – is your GitHub page for that still working? The link seems to 404 –

Fixed :smile:

Hmmm. Still 404’ing for me.

It’s not a DNS resolution issue … I can get this far down the URL path - - but not the rest of the way.

you can find it there under the file structure.

Found it, thanks! Seems to work well so far. I left for dinner this evening, and a few minutes after I’d left I got a notification on my Apple Watch informing me that all windows, doors, and locks were properly secured.


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I have to say this is one of my favorite apps. thanks again Tim!