Notification Door Unlocked while no one home?

So I have tried to figure it out, and looked online as well. I can’t seem to find anything for when my wife and I are not home, that when the front door becomes unlocked receive a notification/text message. It seems like such a simple task to ask. I see it is possible for sensors but not for locks. I want this for when family enters my home (so not a break in, ie: kids).


You can set up a custom monitoring rule in Smart Home Monitor. I use it all the time.

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I have a simple CoRE rule that does exactly that.

I need it to be something like this. If no one is home and door unlocks notify me. I just see when door unlocks during time frame and day notify me. I mostly need this feature to avoid having a day off and constantly get notified.

Where do I get this?

Search for “core” and you’ll find several other guides as well.


As an alternative (if you aren’t already using CoRE for anything else), you can set up that same rule in Smart Home Monitor. I have it set to notify me if the entry door locks/unlocks if the house mode is in any “away”-type mode (away, vacation, etc). If you already have presence-detection controlling modes this would be easy to set up.


I went ahead and did this. I guess I didn’t understand the usage of modes and only was using one mode. This will work out great I believe. Thanks!

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