Is it possible to see differences in ide before github commit?

I would have sworn the ide used to let you know which device handlers were different from the github version and let you see the differences before commit.

Now can’t seem to to figure out how to make that happen anymore. Now I seem to have to commit the code, then go to github to see the differences and if I don’t like something I have to fix it.

Click on the little magnifying glass - then scroll to see markups where the changes are.


@greg I don’t get the magnifying glass in my ide. For example I have changes in the following device handler.

If I select commit change it offers to commit this code but I can’t tell what changed.

Any idea why this doesn’t work for me?

I found my Problem. I had one repo in my list of repo’s which was the person deleted. (Rule Manager) I guess if you have one bad repo it breaks the feature which checks the repo status on the page. My color coding of commited, edited, new is now working and the magnifying glass is back.

This is sort of a bug, on bad repo out of 4 should not break the other 3.

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