IDE/github integration question

(Ron) #1

I have forked the SmartThings github repo and integrated that repo with my ide.

forked to

The problem I have that when I try to pull new code from the repo back to the ide I have a ridiculous list of changes on the github and not in my ide. This is of course because I see no reason to pull every possible device into my repo.

When I try to pull new code from my github this is what I see. The list on the right contains my new files but good luck finding them.

Am I doing something wrong or does is this interface just not designed very well yet ?

I also wonder how folks are using this interface. i hate editing my code in the ide so I use sublime editor on my desktop. The problem is I don’t want to have to push code to github - pull into ide, open device code and publish.

So what I do is edit on my desktop.
Cut/Paste all into the ide and save/publish.
When done coding/testing. I have the correct version in the ide as well as in github.
So I have a few options here.

  1. delete my local changes in my local repo, push changes from ide, pull changes into my repo
  2. push changes from my local repo…deal with conflict in ide since changes were made in both places now.
  3. not sure if there is a way to drop the changes in the ide and then pull from git but I don’t really like this option anyway.

(Dale C) #2

Ron, I am having the same problem, did you find the answer?

(Ron) #3

No I just ignore anything I am not interested in. I have added other folks git repo’s to pick up their code and found that some developers are just starting with empty repo and mirroring the structure which seems to work.

I haven’t bothered to pull my code out of the forked repo because I like to be able to search existing code to see how they implemented certain things.

Actually I don’t do much development anymore. I have sort of given up on this platform and am just waiting for something better to come along. If it gets better I may stick with it and start development again but I am no longer hopeful and no longer asking for improvements because I am tired of being ignored.