How do I diff code with repo, options to do so are gone

(Ron) #1

My device types and smart app views in the ide no longer have buttons to view diff between ide and repo version. Is this currently broken ?

I can request a commit and it shows me code that needs to be committed but I would like to view the diff first.


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(Jody) #3

Can you go into the code and make a small change then save without publishing? I was able to see that I had an edited file after that.

(Ron) #4

No joy. Made a one line change but they all still don’t provide me with diff buttons.

If I select commit they have changes…Seen here

But the full view still show no color coding and no action buttons.

I have to say I am impressed on how SmartThings manages to break literally every feature at one time or another. It’s ridiculous.

(Jody) #5

If you will pm me your account email I would be happy to troubleshoot your issues.