Is Everspring Still in Business?

(Joel W) #1

This morning and this afternoon all links to are not working. Also noted that the Everspring Water Leak detector is no longer available on Amazon at the normal price of $39.99 which I paid on Amazon 2 weeks ago now it shows for 159.00 plus huge shipping cost. I know I can get the version for IRIS and it should work with the Device type for Everspring. But I was just curious if it is a network problem or they are gone.


It’s working for me now, maybe they were just updating the website.


It’s possible that they’re getting ready to release a zwave plus model, a lot of manufacturers are doing that right now.

My understanding is that the Utilitech model sold at Lowes is the same device just rebranded. It’s still in stock at some stores at their regular price of $29.99.