My Everspring leak detectors go on and off line

A number of times per day my Everspring flood detectors go on and off-line, all on their own. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I think there is some weirdness going on with leak detectors in general. I think there was another thread about Samsung detectors. I have a number of Dome leak detectors, and for a about the last month or so, probably at or about the time they auto-converted to Edge, they have been up and down like yo-yo’s.

I’ve been leaving mine alone thinking sooner or later they will resolve. But in any event, I don’t think it’s just Everspring. I think it’s leak detectors in general, or perhaps Z-wave leak sensors.

Has anyone reported this to support? If not, we should!

I have Utilitech Leak sensor that is a clone of the Everspring. I am using the Beta Z-Wave Sensor driver and I am not having any problems. I manually converted it from DTH to Edge many months ago. I am using v2 hub. The sensor looks like the following.


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I have notixed the same behavior with my Samsung Smartthings zigbee water sensors and my z-wave Aeotec Water Sensor 6 sensors. Started maybe a month ago. Something strange is going on.

Same thing with ZooZ sensors. Not as frequently as you describe, but once every few weeks I’ll get a message that one is offline and it comes back online a couple of hours later. Only devices that do this in my whole system. Not believed to be a z wave mesh issue.

I have these and have not seen any issues. I am using the stock ST Edge driver.

I’ve got the same issue with all of my leak sensors, Ecolink, Zooz and SmartThings. Ecolink and Zooz are ZWave while the SmartThings is ZigBee, so it’s not a protocol issue. They all seem to go offline about the same time, then back online together.
My Ecolink Firefighter sensor follows the same pattern, not a leak detector.