Utilitech Zwave Sirens for $9!

Lowes has a $35 zwave siren\light for just $9. Deal is good till 10\10\2018

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Most markdowns at Lowe’s occur on the individual store level, and this one doesn’t seem to be any different.

It’s showing $35 for me if I want to pick it up at the Lowe’s location closest to me, or if I have it delivered.

At which location are you seeing that deal?


Really? Lol damn, well i’m in billings MT, Guess you could just change your app to that and show them. lol they should price check it. Updated the OP btw.

It’s probably not an error, per se. That’s a fairly old device, and it’s likely that someone at your local store decided to clear out the stock they have left.

That tends to be why a lot of these types of devices can randomly go on sale, but only at certain locations.

Yeah, I saw the same thing with the Iris smart plugs. Even within my local area, one store prices them at $9.50 and sold out in a day so a second store priced them at $18 when they went on clearance. Still a good deal but still almost twice as much.
Still $35 in western New York state too. :frowning:

This was the same price at my store a couple weeks ago. It’s great for what it does.

Does anyone know how to get just the strobe to turn on without the siren? In webCoRE, I have the option to turn on strobe, turn on siren, or turn on both, but I can’t get just the strobe to go without the siren.