Utilitech Zwave Sirens for $9!

(David) #1

Lowes has a $35 zwave siren\light for just $9. Deal is good till 10\10\2018

(Mark) #2

Most markdowns at Lowe’s occur on the individual store level, and this one doesn’t seem to be any different.

It’s showing $35 for me if I want to pick it up at the Lowe’s location closest to me, or if I have it delivered.

At which location are you seeing that deal?

(David) #3

Really? Lol damn, well i’m in billings MT, Guess you could just change your app to that and show them. lol they should price check it. Updated the OP btw.

(Mark) #4

It’s probably not an error, per se. That’s a fairly old device, and it’s likely that someone at your local store decided to clear out the stock they have left.

That tends to be why a lot of these types of devices can randomly go on sale, but only at certain locations.


Yeah, I saw the same thing with the Iris smart plugs. Even within my local area, one store prices them at $9.50 and sold out in a day so a second store priced them at $18 when they went on clearance. Still a good deal but still almost twice as much.
Still $35 in western New York state too. :frowning:

(JB) #6

This was the same price at my store a couple weeks ago. It’s great for what it does.

Does anyone know how to get just the strobe to turn on without the siren? In webCoRE, I have the option to turn on strobe, turn on siren, or turn on both, but I can’t get just the strobe to go without the siren.