Best Water Sensor

I’ve had water in my basement a few times this winter and have decided it’s time to get a handle on it. There wasn’t a major flood, but enough to cause concern. Our plan is to finish the basement at some point so I want to make sure I can cut off any water at the pass…

What is the community’s take on the best water/flood/moisture sensor for ST? What have you had most success with?

I haven’t seen any sensor really rise to the top.
The FortrezZ and Fibaro have temp sensors as well which is appealing.

Do you want to try a DIY while you’re waiting for a more solid solution? Check this one out by @eradicatore

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I have several of these and they work very well. And, they are not expensive - $30. I like how you can put the sensors anywhere you want.


I have the everspring ones that are very similar as what @brianlees showed.

These are recognized as Everspring sensors, just $10 less! I’m guessing they are OEMs.

thanks guys. seems the everspring is rising to the top. Do you find the devices with the telescoping sensors to be preferable to something like the ForterzZ that just sits on the ground?

I personally do. I can be more precise in their location. When I got the one from Lowes, I really liked that flexibility. The cord is nice and long and they give you some cord mount clips. I would go with the cheaper one from Lowes. You save like $10 and it is the exact same sensor as far as we can tell. I’m quite certain it is an OEM.

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