Is anyone using Monoprice Z-Wave devices?

I bought 4 of the Monoprice IR/Temperature Sensors- the IR function is working fine with a Veralite controller (I gave up trying to understand the Smartthings software/controller and moved on). I have yet tried to figure out how to use the Monoprice temperature function…

I use 4 monoprice motion/temperature sensors with ST they work fine using custom device type. They are slow to update temperature changes without a significant change. Not sure what that is exactly but i use them mainly for shutting off lights/switches when there is no motion.

I use 2 monoprice open close sensors, one as a door sensor on my shed and one with custom device type as a pressure sensor on my steps.

I have recently purchased the Smartthings hub and several Monoprice open/closed door/window sensors. I’ve connected 5 of them so far and and see 100% battery level on 4 out of 5, but I can’t see any temperature on any of them. What did I do wrong? The device types are set as “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor”. The open/close function works as I can see ech time they are opened and closed in the app. I also get a text every time…that’s getting old really fast!

The one that shows no battery level also lost the picture I associated with it?

That’s because they don’t report temperature, just battery and open/close. Open the cover for the one not reporting battery levels and leave it off for several seconds and put it back on. It should start reporting battery soon, or after an open/close event.

What SmartApps did you associate these sensors to? Just adding them to ST won’t generate messages unless you set them up in SmartApps, Smart Home Monitor, etc when you first added them.

Thank you! That temperature thing was driving me crazy.
I believe I used the “Notify Me When” app to set up the text messaging and push notifications anytime a window/door is opened/closed. Pretty sure I can figure out how to undo that if I want.

I took the cover off the sensor that isn’t reporting battery level. Still isn’t doing it. I even took the battery out for a while.

I installed the open/close sensor that came with the v2 hub kit and it does report temperature…80F in Salem, OR


I am having a hell of time with a Monoprice Open/Door sensor. Since I rebooted my ST hub, it has gotten stuck in the open position on multiple occasions. I have deleted it and re-added now a few times, I have also unplugged my hub for 15 minutes and repaired. This seemed to solve the problem, but when my wife came home last night it did not register the door opening r under recent activity.

Furthermore at the moment it’s showing as open. Now whats interesting is my Smart Home Montior is armed. My wife just opened the door and it triggered an alert, Even though the door was showing as open? For what its worth, whether it was the alert or something else when she shut the door and I dismissed the alert, the door showed as closed.

In other words this monoprice door sensor is hanging in the open position and at times is not sensing when the door opens/closes.

I have read your specific instructions, but anything else I should be trying. I just figured out how to log in to Not sure exactly how to do anything within it, but should I be trying to exclude or do something via the computer.

Very frustrating as I use ST as security systems and this sensor is on the FRONT DOOR which we primarily only use to exit/enter the house, so its reliability is critical.

Two things I’d look at:

  1. Anything in the area gotten magnetized?
  1. platform flakiness. I lost a motion sensor day before yesterday for half a day for absolutely no reason I can find.

Thanks I used your linked post to troubleshoot. Still having issues. What about playing around in IDE?

Honestly, the platform has been so flaky that I don’t know what to tell you.

I’d put in a support ticket and see if they can see anything on their side.

I’m having trouble with adding a new Monoprice Z-Wave Plus PIR Motion Detector with Temperature Sensor - NO LOGO PID: 15271.

The ST Hub App doesn’t find it. I’m using the Connect New Device, but it just spins on the “I’m looking for your new Things…”.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Wow so monoprice sensors are like $10+ cheaper than ST branded ones :smiley:

They are not the same. Monoprice devices are mostly Z-Wave and ST are mostly Zigbee. I would compare Monoprice to Zooz products.

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