Leak Intelligence Valve Shutoff (Leak Gopher)

Has anyone tried this valve with ST? It seems like a cheaper alternative to the Fortrezz valve with z-wave plus certification.

I’ve been told that the current Z-Wave Leak Gopher Valve Controller is mostly compatible ST. You can open and close the valve through ST but the valve status is not reported. An updated version that will fix that is expected in the next few months. It won’t be a simple firmware upgrade. A new controller will be required so you might want put a hold the purchase until the new version comes out.

With no trouble at all I successfully paired a “Leak Intelligence” a.k.a. Leak Gopher Z-Wave water valve. SmartThings FULLY recognized it with no fuss.

I also have a Fibaro FGFS-101 Flood Sensor.

What I can’t figure out how to do is automate the water valve so it will close when the flow sensor detects a leak.

I use a Leak Gopher with my ST, it works perfectly

I just purchased the leak gopher. The problem is now that it is “integrated” by ST it only shows up as a “valve” that is controlled by a “sensor”. I guess everyone assumes that you are going to use it for leak detection. I want to use it to control my pool cleaner. I went thru all the trouble of installing it on my pool system and now I figure out that there is no smartapp to control it so I can put it on a schedule. I want to set it on a schedule ON/OFF for a couple hours a day. Believe it or not a pool cleaner wears out the surface of your pool over the years. This is a reasonable solution but now I’m stuck. Can anyone tell me a way to make this device just show up as a “switch”? The only suggestions I have gotten are “webcore” but that seems like a complicated solution to something simple?