Iris Z-wave Smoke Detectors $25

Not the carbon monoxide/smoke detector combos, but for $25, not a bad deal.


wow these never go on sale too

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Do these work with ST?

Hi, yes they do. I have one combo smoke/carbon monoxide, which is enough for me in the house and am adding these other 5 to my new house. My previous one works great!

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Thanks! I have one of the combos but like dshokouhi said, I never see them on sale.

Assuming this is a rebranded first alert zcombo, be aware one going off does not set the others off, they are not connected. The zcombo only sends data, it can’t receive an alarm signal, so probably the same here. This really only matters in large houses where you can’t hear one go off from another location. You’d need a ST controlled siren to trigger on an alarm.


Yep If one of my first alerts goes off it sends voice alerts to all bedrooms and living areas, sets off sirens, unlocks all doors, turns on all the lights inside and out. turns off the HVAC & Attic fan, closes a few vents, opens the garage doors.
Thinking about setting some exterior lights like the Garden mini spots to flash red.

Let me know if I missed somrthing

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Having exterior lights come on red is mandatory ( I thought). Then again maybe I’m showing my age when buildings had fire boxes on them with a flashing red light if alarm was triggered. Beyond turning off, I have set to cut power to furnaces & pellet stove.
Until somebody invents a leaksmart valve for gas main I think you have it covered.


Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t think of the gas. Ovens, burners, H2O heater, Boiler, all run on NG

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Tommy how did you set it up to do voice alerts in each Bedroom?

I have an Echo Dot in each room. (any Bluetooth speaker should work) Stashed elsewhere in the room I have $20 smartphone or a mounted tablet running LANnouncer which sends voice alerts to the echo via Bluetooth. The phones and tablets stay plugged in all the time to avoid the hassle of recharging.
You’ll also need the Big Talker app loaded in SmartThings to create the voice alert
I’m sure there are other ways. Should be easy to do in CoRE with WiFi speakers like Sonos or Samsung. This way you wouldn’t need separate devices running LANnouncer


If only there was a hard wired version that could be interlocked with all the other smoke detectors in my house. Our local code still requires hard wired detectors with physical interconnects (not wireless). Jerry-rigging it to work with the hard wired units is not much of an answer for me. I’d love to directly replace an existing detector.

There is a bridge device, can’t recall what it’s called for some reason. You use all hardwired devices except this one, that then wirelessly does the OneLink thing (IIRC) and then you can either use a contact sensor as a relay to ST or get something that links in another fashion, I use Insteon Smoke Bridge for this. And Leeo’s. Honestly a fully configured hard wired setup of CHEAP detectors, and a LEEO using IFTTT connected to your ST system via a virtual switch, works very well. Nothing you try to do with ST will run local, so you really aren’t doing any more harm using IFTTT, and the Leeo announces via smartphone app, email, text, and phone call. Really the best of all worlds. I have ST turn all lights on full, disable motion so nothing turns off, shut off the main house water valve and power off all outlets that aren’t connected to lights. Washer, Dishwasher, that sort of thing.

When I test my smoke alarms it’s like a party in the house so much stuff is going on at once…


Glad to help! I was wanting combo, but figured one combo is ok for now. Hope this helps you!

Trying to get two of these. I was able to check out but store called and said they only had one. I’ve now used my only 15/50 coupon on that, but I told them to cancel the order and can’t get the code to work again. Lowes’ site is a total mess.

Codes are single use. So since you already used it ( even if order was cancelled ) it is no longer valid.
If you decide to order from another store I ca get you a new code

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Thanks @RLDreams. Got them ordered again. Hopefully this store has as many as they say…

EDIT: annnd their out too.

Ah man, sorry to hear, I just ordered 5 from warehouse and their on their way.

Anyone know of a generic promo code/ offer I can use with this?

if you get 2, you can use the 10/15 off 50 codes. If you only want 1 you could use the 10% off any purchase. Not quite sure what you mean by " generic promo "