Triggering all Smoke/CO alarms (ZCOMBO-G)

I just purchased 3 First Alert smoke and CO detectors (ZCOMBO-G). I got them connected to the hub with out a problem.

I am trying to configure the alarms, such that, if one goes off, the ST hub will trigger the other two will also sound.

I am not seeing a way to do it. I’m guessing the detectors are only uni-directional? I am very new to ST and all its capable of, so maybe I missed something. I wanted to check with the community in case there was an alternative method of triggering all the detectors.

Well that is very interesting. Hadn’t thought of this issue when I was building out my setup. I figured the zwave version also did the one link thing like their other detectors. I’ve not seen any method to control the detector, only reports of its status. I don’t think you can do what you want. Hopefully I’m wrong and someone else can chime in?

These smoke/CO2 detectors are very simple and just report a status, and then ST acts on that status. You can’t control them at all. The detectors don’t link (associate) with each other like hardwired detectors do. I have no idea why First Alert doesn’t allow linking/controlling with other detectors, but maybe a new product some day will, but who knows.

What I’ve done is add a siren on each floor, and then ST triggers the sirens and certain lights when these go off via SHM rules.

that was my backup plan if they were indeed uni-directional. Thank you for confirming!

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