Advice on smoke detectors and sirens

Good day.

I’m Canadian, and we don’t have as much selection as in the US and our prices are not as great either. I will be in the US next week and I wanted to pick up a couple of things that are not easy to buy here.

I’m looking for a Smoke/Carbon monoxide detector, leak detector and a siren.

I didn’t find a definite answer whether this siren is fully compatible with ST:
Everspring Z-Wave Indoor Siren

I like it more over FortrezZ Siren because of it’s form factor. It’s smaller, looks less intimidating and is battery operated. Does the FortrezZ Siren have any advantages that would make it a better purchase over Everspring one?

Does the Utilitech Siren from Lowes work just as well as Everspring?
How about Utilitech Water Leak Detector from Lowes?

What is the consensus here on Smoke/CO Detectors? What’s the best model that offers good value and reliable operation with ST?

I’m not sure how current is this list of compatible devices:
Google Docs List

I’m envious of the shoppers south of the border. Some of the compatible devices are sold at twice as much, making HA prohibitively expensive.

Thanks for your input!

We keep that up to date. It should be noted that those are “tested devices” and not all of the devices that work with SmartThings.

As for Smoke and CO2 detectors, these work quite well and have a good price:

Are there any line-powered detectors? I’d love to go to something like these but the battery power is a real downer since my house is rigged up for powered units.

I’m a big fan of the NEST protect, if you can wait till they go back on sale after the “wave” fix. One should be able to integrate them to the ST dashboard in a similar manner as the Nest thermostat.

They come in both battery, and hard-wired versions, and add to presence detection for your thermostat( if you have a NEST)

They should be back on shelves at your local Home Depot in Canada within a few weeks

@egid im working on connecting my KIDDE wired detectors with the SM120X and the MIMOlite with a battery backup circuit. I have a thread started here

If I recall correct, though, you can’t trigger the alarm on these from SmartThings, right? The device just tells SmartThings when it goes off, SmartThings can’t ‘set’ it off, right?

There are liability reasons why it works that way yes, although you could trigger other sirens when these detectors go off, via SmartThings. I am sure some others here know more about this.

I brought an alarm, two smoke detectors and two leak detectors and a couple of other things. Will be hooking this up soon.

One has to go through some hoops to be able to buy stuff online with a non US credit card. You people are lucky with your prices, availability and free 2 day shipping.

The irony is that I came back to a flooded home. I guess I will hook up the flood sensor as soon as I refinish my basement. My wife is not resiting my attempts to HA anymore. Unfortunately, the price was too high…

Hey Guys,

I bought a Everspring z-wave siren. Smarthings detects it as a light switch and I can only turn it on and off. I cannot see its battery status or use it in smart alarm app. Is there way to change the device type to be a Siren instead of switch?

You should be able to change the device type in the IDE:

Log in there and go to your device, select the siren then edit from there.

Nitin, were you able to integrate ever springs siren to work with smart things hub fully?

Yes, I was able to change the device type from “switch” to “smartalarm” for everspring siren through IDE developer portal.

As “smartalarm” device type was developed for siren sold by smartthings (which is AC powered) , only feature missing for everspring siren is the battery status, I have heard that siren itself beeps on low battery so not a big deal.

For smoke/CO detectors: So far the supported devices seem to be:

  1. FirstAlert ZSMOKE/ZCOMBO sold in Lowes
  2. Nest Protect
  3. Monoprice unbrandede Z-wave smoke detector

Has anyone had any luck with the OneLink series from FirstAlert?

We have some one link First Direct Smoke/CO alarms already in the house (the ones that link with each other and give voice prompts) and I can’t get them to work with ST and I think they use a different kind of network.

I added in some FirstAlert ZCombo alarms from Lowes and they work great especially linked up to turn on the Siren we have and all the lights.

Just installed a nest thermostat and so impressed with it I may actually look at buying some nest protects to add to the system.

@jonallsebrook Appreciate the info. Curious to know what exactly the FirstAlert ZCOMBO devices report to the ST hub. Is it a binary feedback (either “smoke found” or “no smoke”) or do the devices report the amount of smoke/CO2 (like 0.5ppm CO2, etc)?.

Also wondering what Nest Protect reports too.

I am trying to decide whether to opt for the cheaper $40 ZCOMBOs or pay $100 for the Protects. Any advice/suggestions welcome.

@kmugh no problem.

All I get reporting back is that all is clear on both or (when tested) that its not clear! I also get battery % which is a great thing to have (side note does anyone know if ST will give an alert when the battery is low?)

No readings but I am not sure they have the capability to even report that back to ST.

Not sure what the Nest Protects will report back but on the specs page ( Nest Protect Tech Specs) it does seem to have a great set of sensors. Now if the Nest API allows access to these and ST can get official Nest integration it makes the Net Protects a very useful device… @Ben_Edwards any thoughts on this?

From what I have heard the Nest devices do not give access to all of the sensors — motion being the big exclusion.

Correct. No motion, just CO and smoke. I have a Protect and I personally wouldnt recommend it at this point. I’m going down the ZCOMBO route myself. In my opinion there are some reliability issues with the Protect and it doesnt help that the motion sensor is not available. If your are curious the following is a list Ive compiled of the available data from the Protect (to date):

battery_level (seems to be in mVdc)

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I hooked up my CO/Fire ZCOMBOs and I like them. They provide exceptional value and they just work. Who needs fancy-shmancy case and colored LEDs on a smoke detector. They are 2.5 times cheaper than the Protect. I will be getting more for all rooms in my house.

I wish they were available in Canada.